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GODCHILD: A Thriller for The Broken Hearted



GODCHILD...a story for the broken hearted that takes place where THE INNOCENT leaves off....


"A classic detective tale."

--The Record (Troy,… Continue

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The End of the Book Signing Battle...The End of the Big Book Store!

The battle is over, the bombs dropped, the shots fired, the smoke cleared, the dead lay scattered across the battlefield, the wounded picked up and carted out to the mobile hospitals. Me, I sit with my back up against the trench, face hot and dirty from the soil that sticks to my sweat, my breath beginning to even out, lit cigarette danging from trembling fingers.

Yesterday was the day I wanted to see if I could sell more books online than I could at a traditional signing. As you…


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Well, it's more than a push...I'm doing a signing tonight at the Albany B&N for THE REMAINS, but I want to see at the same time, how many digital copies of THE INNOCENT I can sell at the same time. The  I will blog about the results. THE INNOCENT is in the midst of a Virtual Tour right now so StoneGate is offering it up for $.99 which is pretty much free. So hope you can help and download a copy ans see what happens....



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Are Literary Agents Required Anymore?

Every year a new surprise breakout author rises up from the ashes of literary despair. In the past we've seen JK Rowling and James Frey fill the bill. But this year’s breakout author is different in some pretty remarkable aspects. Not only is she self-published, yet she works with an established literary agent. Her name is Amanda Hocking and she's a 26 year paranormal YA author who not only has one book listed on the USA Today Top 150 bestseller's List, she's got half a dozen.



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Heartless, Greedy, Bastards!!!

It's sometimes a little daunting seeing nothing but 5-Star reviews being posted for one of your noir novels. And believe me, that ain't no boast because I've gotten my share of "you suck(s)" during my time as an author.

But these recent reviews for THE INNOCENT are sweeter than normal since they're for a re-released novel that used to be called…


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GODCHILD Gets 5-Stars from Harriet Klausner

The funny thing about newly re-released novels on Kindle and E-Book is that you can dust off some pretty tasty reviews that went largely unnoticed when the big ass publisher decided to remainder the book for one corporate reason or another...So here is a stellar review on my new release…


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