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Reason for Going Indie? Control, Control, Control....


What follows is originally published at The Vincent Zandri Vox:


I love these stories.

Stories about old "legacy" model published authors switching to the indie publishing model (be it self-publishing or traditionally based small indie), and achieving so much success they… Continue

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An Inspiration Visit with NYT Bestselling "Self Published" Crime Novelist Debbi Mack



For the past two months I've been vying for the same positions as Debbi Mack, a writer whom I hadn't heard of until I made the connection one Sunday morning not too long ago when I saw her name appear on the New York Times Bestseller List. Not only was I taken aback since…


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"One True Sentence"

"Paris was to become the staging ground for Hemingway's first 'one true sentence.'"


Then there was a young man who no longer wanted to pursue a traditional education. That young man would be my son, Harrison, whom we refer to as "Bear"…


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How I Sold 100,000 E-Books in 60 Days: A Letter to My Mom


Dear Mom,

For the one-thousandth time, NO, I'M NOT GOING TO GET A 'REAL JOB!' I don't need to. I just sold over 100,000 E-Books in 60 days. Yah, that's right mom. That's not a typo. No I'm not drunk again, and no I'm not smoking crack or puffing on whacky weed. I don't do drugs.

But I sold 100,000 books and I did it with the help of my new…


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