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Authors No Longer Have to Compete with Themselves

Used to be when I first published at Delacorte, one of the last things an agent or editor wanted was for an author to publish two books

at the same time. They called this splitting sales. In other words, by

publishing two books at the same time, an author ran the risk of

competing with him or herself.

Now, with the new indie publishing model, it seems that authors don't compete with themselves by

publishing more than one book at the same time, they simply get… Continue

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The Book is Dead! Long live the Book!

I'm sitting in an airport in St. Paul, awaiting a flight that will take me to the Boise Book Expo. Directly ahead of me is a bookstore called "Authors" which I've never heard from. The store sports a classy facade. Mahogany pillars, and all these over-sized, fake ceramic piled on top of one another. I don't get it. Well, ok, I get it, but it's a little much.

Anyway, the shelves are full of books by "Famous Authors."

I've been here for more than an hour, and not a… Continue

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Vincent Zandri, The Mysterious Writers Interview

Here's some seriously weird stuff about me and how The Innocent came to be resurrected by StoneGate Ink!!
Click here on Mysterious Writers!

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Writing Advice for Newbies!

Lately, a lot of interviewers have been asking me to lend some advice to newbie writers, especially
young people just starting out. So I decided to offer some of that advice here on the Vox.

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The Wrongly Accused!!!

Have you ever been wrongly accused for something? Ever since I was a little kid,

I've been fascinated with the subject. Case and point: one Christmas eve my

parents accused me of opening a gift before Christmas morning arrived.

My dad was big stickler on that. No opening of gifts until after church

on Christmas day. I recall both my parents flanking me and asking me in

that accusatory tone, "Did you or did you not open that gift?" A boy of

no more than 7 I stared at… Continue

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Nab "The Innocent," Win a Free Kindle EReader....

The StoneHouse Kindle/EReader Giveaway Push begins!

Just purchase a copy of The Remains or The Innocent (or any Digie Short) and head on over to the StoneHouse Facebook page and jot

down your proof of purchase and you get yourself a chance to win a free


Here's what you do first! Purchase The Remains or The…

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