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Nearing the finish line, or just starting?

Well, I am about to hit the 200 page mark and felt as though it was down hill from there. The rest was going to write itself. It was going great guns and I was very happy with the book. I knew a couple of things would need some tweaking but that it was going good.

I decided to print out a copy of what I had. I'd then sit and read it like a book. I had avoided it until then, I didn't want to come to the conclusion that I had written was crap and wouldn't be able to go on.

Well I…


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Writers' Block is such a ....umm.... what's that word?

For the past few weeks, I have been madly writing away on my first novel. After a welcomed break from true crime, I was finding it extremely easy to write a crime fiction. Then last night disaster struck.

I sat there with my laptop on my lap, my little USB flashdrive hanging off the side. My book open to page 74 and ..... nothing. I have been writing chapter after chapter without a second between words. It was writing itself. I already have the chapters already planned out, with…


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Fiction meets non-fiction - How did that happen?

After spending almost two decades delving into the lives of real life serial killers, I have just started my first work of fiction. Tentatively titled "The Chase", the book follows the life of 'Voodoo Guru' Kate Reilly, a young detective with a tragic past, and a dark heritage.

The book began as an (unfinished) short story competition entry many many years ago. I rediscovered it only recently when my big old clunky PC finally surrendered to the big scrap heap in the sky. I picked up…


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Wow My First Blog

So much space, so much to say..........................




echo echo echo echo

Maybe not so much to say :o)

I know I wish that my baby would go to sleep, she is overdue for one by 3 hours! So you can imagine how happy she is right now. :o)

Thanks for letting me join, particularly as I am not a crime fiction writer. I am actually a true crime…


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