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The Eye of the Beholder (35) - Epilogue

“I never would have thought he was the one,” Preston said when Cary finished telling him what had happened.

“I know, and it was all my fault. If I had loved him the way I should have…” He heaved a deep sigh of remorse.

“That’s not true,” Preston said adamantly, easing his hand out to take Cary’s which lay on the pristine white hospital sheet. It had been two days since he’d been shot and he was doing better than even his doctor had predicted. He still felt like a… Continue

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The Eye of the Beholder (34)

“I saw her name in the paper.”

“No Hugh, there was nothing in the paper about the shooting other than a small item saying an unidentified man had been attacked in the park.” Cary took a step back, staring at him.

“You’re right, I saw that and…and remembered she was the one who called you last night to tell you about it. I just assumed she’d been with him.”

“Hugh, I never mentioned who it was who called. I told you a friend of mine had been hurt was all and asked… Continue

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The Eye of the Beholder (33)

Late morning slid into afternoon and then evening as Cary sat beside Preston’s bed waiting for him to wake. Every time he’d ask Tabitha when that would happen she’d reply, “When he’s ready and not before,” which did nothing to relieve his impatience.

As night fell Cary stood and stretched, going to the window to look out over the city, rapping his fingers on the pane until Tabitha told him in no uncertain terms that if he didn’t stop she was going to kick him out. He was about to… Continue

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The Eye of the Beholder (32)

By the time they’d finished talking both Tabitha and Cary were exhausted. She offered him the sofa so that he wouldn’t have to make the drive home and possibly fall asleep at the wheel, or though she didn’t say it to him, get into a fight with Hugh because he was coming home so late.

Cary had accepted gratefully, telling her to wake him when she got up and he’d drive her to the hospital. As it was the weekend he didn’t have to go into work so he planned on spending the whole day… Continue

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The Eye of the Beholder (31)

“Did it bother you that Pres made porn movies?”

“Yeah, some, but I figured it was his life and if that worked for him it wasn’t up to me to say anything.”

“Maybe you should have Cary. Or were you afraid he’d take it the wrong way and think you were, humm not sure jealous is the right word but you know what I’m getting at.”

“That I cared because I cared for him as more than a friend.” A frown creased his forehead.

Tabitha nodded. “Think about that… Continue

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The Eye of the Beholder (30)

“Does Hugh love you Cary?”

“I suppose so Tabby from the way he acts, though he’s never come out and said so.”

“This sounds more like an arrangement of convenience than anything else if you want my take on it.”

Cary winced but couldn’t deny what she’d said. “It does sort of, doesn’t it?”

Tabitha nodded as she got up again to get the coffee. “Cream, sugar?”

“Sugar thanks.” He put in three spoonfuls when she set it and his coffee in front of… Continue

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The Eye of the Beholder (29)

“Would you come up with me,” Tabitha asked. “I mean if you don’t mind or don’t have to get back home to your boyfriend. I’m too wired to go to bed right now and I wouldn’t mind the company.”

“I don’t mind at all. I’ll just leave Hugh a text so he knows where I am. He’s probably dead to the world right now anyway. He got stuck working late at the construction site and was dragging when he got home.”

A few minutes later they were in her apartment. She asked if he wanted… Continue

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The Eye of the Beholder (28)

“Please answer, please, please,” Tabitha prayed as she heard the phone ring. She was on Preston’s cell, pacing back and forth outside the operating room, hoping the number he’d programmed in wasn’t Cary’s business line.

“Hello?” a sleepy voice finally answered.

“Is this Cary, Preston’s friend?”

“Yes.” The voice was suddenly alert. “Who’s this? Oh hell. What’s wrong, why are you calling and not him?”

“Pres was shot.” She took a deep, gasping breath.… Continue

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