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Murder toxin


Will The “Murder Toxin” Sweep The World into Post-Holocaust Nightmare?

The following was submitted to Signs of Witness by someone who calls himself “Hippocrates of Highgate”:

At some point on this site someone posted a warning that the prevalent neurotoxins we’re all subjected to–from toxins used in carpets, new cars, flame retardants, pesticides, herbicides, dioxins, PCBs, mercury in fish, and so on–would violently affect… Continue

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The obligitory newbie post.

Hi....My name's Rich and I'm a readeraholic

(Hi Rich)

I have a rather eclectic taste in what I read. It ranges anywhere from the outright horror novels (Currently reading Zombie Planet by David Wellington), to the world of the Old Gods of H.P. Lovecraft.

Yet I enjoy other works as well. The Dexter books are among my all time favorite reads. Hunter S Thompson was a genius among men and I sorely miss him.

The Shell Game by Steve Alten is a MUST read and… Continue

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