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A Milestone

I am not a member of this site for the sole reason of BSP.  But I do want to share the fact that my debut novel MURDER ON HADRIAN'S WALL has reached 2,000 sales on amazon/kindle.  My very special thanks to I.J. Parker and Stephen Seitz for the guidance and help that they have given me, since I was admitted to Crimespace.

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Death in The Age of Gold

Hmm...I may just have hit the nuclear self destruct button.  I have asked amazon to publish my second historical novel, title above.  Sadly, it is not a "whodunnit" but an action thriller "whodidit".  I do hope that the solitary reader of my last effort is not disappointed by this murderous romp through New Kingdom Egypt...…


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Murder on Hadrian's Wall: My Novel Renamed.

After some very useful, constructive advice from a member of this site, I have renamed my Roman novel (available on Kindle) to the title above.  I have been forbidden to thank the kind lady publicly for her guidance, so will say no more than, "I.J. your cheque is in the post..."  :)

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If you are interested in historical crime, then the links below will take you to my Roman murder mystery novel.  It is set in 4th Century Britain, on the Roman empire's most northerly boundary.   There are 2 links; the first is for the US and the second for the UK. 



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