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The Rustle of Bed Sheets and One Lost Cow


Very nice news -

My short story, “The Rustle of Bed Sheets and One Lost Cow,” is up today at the very fine webzine THE BIG ADIOS (which is published by the very admirable folks at One Eye Press).

This is the second story in my Whispering Gulch series. The first story, “…


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Tales of the Twinkling Twilight

My show, TALES OF THE TWINKLING TWILIGHT, starts previews tomorrow and will run through November at Raven Theatre in Chicago.


Fridays at 8:00

Saturdays at 8:00

Sundays at 3:30


TALES OF THE TWINKLING TWILIGHT is a collection of 10 Short Plays about spacemen, werewolves, outlaws and angels that inhabit a world that dances in the absurd, the surreal and the just plain silly.  They want what we all want: human connection, love, acceptance and some…


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I haven't mentioned this yet, but I had a new book come out in June. 


It's called A BUCKET OF BOOBS and it's available on Kindle!


Here are a few details:


Working girls. 


Sometimes with a heart of gold, sometimes with a heart of coal and sometimes just showing up late to the party,…


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Another New Noir Fest


Another New Noir Fest.

Once again I had far too many movies piled up on both the DVR and my “To Be Watched” Shelves and a lot of those were film noirs that I’d never seen. Combine that with The Film Noir Foundation bringing their Noir City Film Festival back to Chicago and… time for a three-week marathon.

Here’s the list of what I watched, you can scroll through my blog to see what I had to say about each film.

My blog is here:… Continue

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Robert B. Parker R.I.P.

Mystery writer Robert B. Parker died yesterday at the age of 77. He was just “sitting at his desk.” Not a bad way to go for a writer that put out 3 books a year, who wrote 5 to 10 pages a day.

He was one of the great ones, one of those writers that gave the private-eye novel several standards that we take for granted now (the dangerous, possible psycho sidekick ala Hawk comes to mind). And if he didn’t invent a new element, he certainly made it popular.

I haven’t read a… Continue

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New Noir Film Fest


I had a lot of movies piled up on both the DVR and my “To Be Watched” Shelves and a lot of those were film noirs that I’d never seen. I had such a great time in August at the Noir City Film Festival, that I decided to have my own “New (to me) Noir” fest.

Here’s the list of what I watched, you can go to my blog to see what I had to say about each film.

My blog is here:

And here are the… Continue

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Banzai Birds at Beach Blanket Blood Bath

I’ll be reading my short play “Banzai Birds” at BEACH BLANKET BLOOD BATH 2009.

I’ll be joined by esteemed thespian Mark Mendelsohn.

Here are the details:

Mark Mendelsohn and John Weagly reading

“Banzai Birds” at


Monday August 24


At Bistro on the Lake

2401 N. Lake Shore Drive

(On the banks of Lake Michigan at Fullerton Avenue)

Food and drinks are available at the… Continue

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Elements of Noir Seminar

I'll be teaching a seminar on Hard-Boiled and Noir Mystery Fiction in a couple weeks at Bistro on the Lake.

Here are the Details:

Are you interested in the dark side?

Explore the elements of hard-boiled and noir fiction and discuss the differences and similarities of these mystery sub-genres. Perfect for both new and seasoned writers, as well as readers of mystery fiction and fans of film noir.

When: Thursday July 23, 2009; 1:00pm to… Continue

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Two Nominations - One Story

My short story, “Wishing on Whores,” has been nominated for the Spinetingler Award for Best Short Story on the Web!

The Spinetingler Award is given annually by Spinetingler Magazine. Their objective is to generate awareness of quality fiction, and to take note of the contributions made at all levels of the mystery publishing industry. Awards are given in several categories, including Best Novel by a New Voice, Best Novel by a Rising Star and Best Novel by a Legend. Other nominees… Continue

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Ground Pie in Chicago

On March 23, 24 and 25 my play

“The Ramifications of Ground Pie”

is being done at Rubicon Theatre Project’s KASSI FEST.

Here are the details:

“The Ramifications of Ground Pie”

By John Weagly

Monday March 23

& Tuesday March 24

& Wednesday March 25


Rubicon Theatre Project’s

2nd Annual Kassi Dallmann Short Play Festival

Stage Left Theatre

3408 N. Sheffield

Chicago,… Continue

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Goodbye Donald Westlake

Prolific mystery writer Donald Westlake (aka Richard Stark, aka Tucker Coe, aka several other pseudonyms) died on New Year’s Eve. Every August for my birthday I read a Donald Westlake “Dortmunder” novel and a Richard Stark “Parker” novel. Throughout the year I read other stuff he wrote, but this is always a special birthday treat for myself.

A couple of good sentences that always stuck with me:

“When the phone rang, Parker was in the garage, killing a man.”

-Opening… Continue

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A New Story!

I have a new story, “Wishing on Whores,” at THIEVES JARGON.

Check it out!

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Tiny BSP

I was pleased to find out today that my story "Love in the House of Nowhere," published in the Twilight Tales anthology BOOK OF DEAD THINGS, received Honorable Mention in THE YEAR'S BEST FANTASY & HORROR 2008.

It won't stop the cat from peeing on the couch, but it's still nice.

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Orville & Wilbur in South Dakota

My ten-minute play “Orville & Wilbur Discuss Film Noir” is being done this Saturday in South Dakota.

Here are the details:

8 in 48 - Claire Donaldson Short Play Festival

Saturday, September 13

7:30 pm

Augustana College

Edith Mortensen Center Theater

Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

$5 requested donation

This is a 48-hour play festival, which means the director's receive their scripts on the night of Thursday… Continue

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Northern Haunts

I'll have TWO stories in the upcoming Shroud Publishing anthology NORTHERN HAUNTS. "Sinister Mirth" (a ghost story) and "A Yeti in Green" (a story about a bank robbery gone awry).

Here's what the publisher has to say about this awesome book:

"NORTHERN HAUNTS is much more than an anthology. It is an indispensable guidebook for your journey through the shadowy New England otherworld. 100 original tales of ghosts, creatures, mad men, and other horrifying mysteries. Each story… Continue

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Shifting Gears: Friday Night at Cluck & Jive

Last February, Patti Abbott, Gerald So and Mystery Dawg hosted a Flash Fiction Blog Challenge with a Love/Crime theme. About twenty writers participated with some good results.

They’re doing it again and this time I’m chipping in.

The theme is “Shifting Gears” and all of the stories have to incorporate the following sentence into a flash story of around 750 words:

“With gas prices rising, their plans had to change.”

All of the stories will be posted… Continue

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Events For The Middle Of June

I have a few things coming up this week:

On Thursday June 12 my play

“Why Abominable Snowmen Don’t Like Fast Food”

is being done at the GONE IN 60 SECONDS Festival in Leeds, England.

Here are the details:

Thursday June 12th


Stage One @ University Of Leeds

Leeds University Campus

Leeds, England

0113 3438730 £6 (£4conc)

On Friday June 13 and Saturday June 14 my plays

“A Bullet for Every Brain”… Continue

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My Continuing Quest To Conquer The World

April is turning out to be quite a month.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, my only real goal as a playwright is to have plays produced in each of the 50 states. This month, I can check Alabama off of the list. A 10-minute play called “Red Jello Jigglers” is going to be done at the Panoply Arts Festival in Huntsville. I co-wrote this play with Tina Jens. It’s about Jello.

Speaking of plays, my 10-minute play “Orville and Wilbur Discuss Women’s Liberation” is being produced… Continue

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Night Has Fallen

Actor Richard Widmark died last Monday. He played Harry Fabian in one of my favorite films, "Night and the City."

Director Jules Dassin died this Monday. He directed "Night and the City."

So I thought I’d post a little something about "Night and the City."

This movie was a sort of Holy Grail for me, a film noir about professional wrestling. When I really started getting into film noir (back in 1998) it was the one important noir I could never manage to see. It… Continue

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My Run-In With the Law

I work one day a week at World Market. For those of you that don’t know, World Market is a fine purveyor of… well, you name it. They sell pillows, furniture, picture frames, jalapeno-filled olives, eggbeaters and practically everything else under the sun.

Another thing they purvey is alcohol, beer and wine to be precise.

Last week, this guy came up to my register with a bottle of champagne. I rang it up and asked for his ID (general practice, WE CARD HARD!). He handed me a… Continue

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