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Incredible, Powerful! - Silent Scream By Author Ann B Keller

Dear Yvonne:

I've just finished Silent Scream, Yvonne. I read your book in one day and I can honestly say it is one of the most incredible, frightening and compelling books I've ever read. And you put my words on the back cover, too! My goodness. I'm so very honored. Thank you for doing that.

You know, when I picked up Silent Scream this morning, I sort of paged through it from the back to the front, as my mother often… Continue

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Silent Scream brings Positive Results

When I first started researching this book- my husband who worked the crime of Georgia Jessup and Susan Place told me he didn't know just how many people would be interested in a 34 year old crime. I told him that I had a feeling about this. So I continued with my quest. As it turned out not only were people interested, but those who worked all of the crimes and are still alive were more than willing to help me with this book.

Since last week… Continue

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Read What Is being Said About Silent Scream

It was a time of innocence, a time of hippies, flower children and the Age of Aquarius. A time when young people felt free to roam about the countryside hitchhiking without fear. A time when law enforcement was trusted by the people they were sworn to protect and serve. That time was shattered by one of law enforcements own. His name was Gerard Schaefer. He was a former Wilton Manors, Florida Police Officer who lied his way into the office of the… Continue

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