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Spring Housecleaning: An Update (Of Sorts)

Whew— it's been a busy spring...

My new thriller FALLOUT (the third installment in the Beck Casey series) was released April 7.

My new mystery-thriller THE LAW OF UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES (the first in my new Faulk Carpenter thriller series) was published yesterday (May 28)...…


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Book Marketing: It's Not Just For The Sane Anymore...

Part of any author's life is the "joy" of shouldering the hobo-stick, pulling on the walking shoes... and hitting the highway (literally, or on the Internet's Information Highway) to MARKET the flippin' thing.

That is a "given" for all scribes, whether publisher-published or indie/self-pubb'd variety, if only because nobody will market the everlovin' hell out of your books like YOU will.

It can be akin to an…


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Well— This Video Cracked ME Up...

In this brief "video trailer"for our new, author-centric radio show... uh... I did include my name, as well as the show name, a ...uh... couple of times in the video for "The Book, With Earl Merkel."

Most egregiously, in the closing credits.

In my defense, it is for "branding."

Which I no doubt richly deserve, with a very hot iron.

(Click …


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Sunday, on "The Book:" Martin J. Smith, & LIVE Call-In...

In a wildly dangerous experiment, this Sunday evening "The Book, With Earl Merkel" will break into our usually pre-recorded programming --in mid-show-- for a "LIVE, on-air listener call-in" chapter-segment...

... where YOU can call in to introduce yourselves --and to interrogate, with waterboarding intensity-- Mary Cummings, the head of the fast-growing publishing house Diversion Books (New York).

In an era where many publishing houses are cutting back, Ms. Cummings' house…


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"E. Merkel Tops Greece In Debt Total" (Author Debt, Of Course)

More indebtedness incurred by author Earl Merkel, rapidly becoming known as "the Greece of the Writing World"-- this from the lovely Lis Wiehl, who writes the "Triple Threat Club" mystery series when she's not doing legal analysis on television:

"If you're at loose ends waiting for Showtime's HOMELAND to return next fall FIRE OF THE PROPHET by Earl Merkel is your salvation. It's…


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Wanna Read YOUR Stuff, On-Air? Our ‘Limits’ Are Flexible…

Re: those “audio essays” I’m asking you Faithful Readers/listeners of Image

to send me for airing on "The Book, With Earl Merkel": this comment to Lori Hays, in response to my parallel request to other AOTA hosts for short…


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Vince Flynn & Neil Gaiman: Featured On "The Book, With Earl Merkel" *** Listen HERE

Attention, Vince Flynn fans --or Neil Gaiman fans, since he's featured there too this week-- Sunday night's episode of "The Book, With Earl Merkel" is now available on the radio archives.

Hearing both these outstanding writers discuss their lives & their works is, IMHO, well-worth the "click" on the link below.

Show Synopsis: After a month's-long "foreshadowing" --okay; sure, it's a hoary writing tactic,…


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Someone To Watch Over Me



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'Content Analysis' & Your Writing...



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Be Thankful It Wasn't An STD...

From our ongoing chronicles of "Dogs Are Man's Best Friend," the following heart-warming tale from Reuters.

--Earl Merkel


Dog chews off Michigan man's toe, saves his life…

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Tough-Love In A Writer's Critique...


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JOURNOLIST: We WILL Get Fooled Again...

Since a number of us in a Chicago-area writers' group still commit journalism from time to time in the public press (or e-media), it's doubly noteworthy that a series…


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In Praise Of The 'Screeching Diva'

In an age where self-awareness has become a kind of reverse cardinal virtue, Florence Foster Jenkins has become a hero of mine-- a forerunning Titan among the many who today populate our empty-celebrity world.

She believed she had a talent for singing... and, by God, she was gonna sing, dammit!

And did. Boy-oh-boy, did she. She even rented Carnagie Hall (at her own expense) for her public performances, which were all the rage during her "career" as the… Continue

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Boy Reads Book; Now In 'Extensive Therapy'

True story from what we'll call "The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword" -Chronicles: After reading a book at his local library, a young lad is now institutionalized and in "extensive therapy."

This article was published earlier this week in the Northwest…

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To Outline Or Not: Was My Advice Wrong?

A fellow writer asks: “Aged old debate - to outline or not to outline?”

I respond, and ask you: was I right? …


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How Cable TV Fills The 24-Hr. News Cycle...

If you've ever wondered how cable news is generated and produced, don't miss this rib-tickling video from those fine folks at The Onion, one of the few consistent sources of humor around today...

...except, of course, for cable news channels themselves.

It's online at:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9U4Ha9HQvMo&feature=player_embedded… Continue

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Audi's Superbowl "Green Police" Ad: Seig heil?

The award for the most off-target (I fervently pray) Superbowl ad is in: Audi's "The Green Police," a fascist nightmare that inexplicably parallels the 1950's-era anti-Commie paranoia films-- in the Audi ad,

presumably to sell eco-friendly vehicles.

It's jaw-dropping in its appalling "vision" of a police-enforced "green" society, in which only the driver of a bio-diesel car escapes the horrific consequences…


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Poe's Mystery Visitor... Disappears

by Earl Merkel

January 19, 2010, 5:07 pm

There's an ominous, potentially sad feel to the air tonight, especially in a quiet cemetery in Baltimore. For the first time in decades, Edgar Allan Poe's mystery visitor... failed to visit.

Below, from the AP's Joseph White.

--Earl Merkel

Nevermore? Mystery visitor misses Poe's birthday

BALTIMORE – Is this tradition "nevermore"?

A mysterious visitor who left… Continue

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'Publisher Seeking Authors!' Danger, Will Robinson?

'Publisher Seeking Authors!' Danger, Will Robinson?

by Earl Merkel

October 16, 2009, 9:05 am

A writer e-mails me to ask about ad ("Publisher Looking for Authors!").

I reply-- but is your answer different? Respond, and I'll forward your comments.

--Earl Merkel


Original E-Mail to Earl Merkel:

Sent: Thu, Oct 15, 2009 10:17 am

Subject: FW: publisher looking for… Continue

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