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BLEEDER trailer at YouTube

I produced a 30-second trailer for my contemporary mystery BLEEDER due out in August. You can see it at YouTube here:

Did it on dial-up, no less. Lots of finger-drumming time waiting for visuals to download! I gotta upgrade to high-speed Internet soon.

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Writing Studio

Having a 'room of one's own' (with apologies to Virginia Woolf) is important to some writers - at least a dedicated space for writing. On occasion I can write in a library (though I'm distracted by all the books) and sometimes in a cafe (though I feel self-conscious: "Hey, everyone, look at me working"). But now that my son is grown and gone and his old bedroom is vacant, that has become my Writing Studio. I hear John Updike had three rooms for writing, one for fiction, one for poetry, one for… Continue

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RELICS now available!

My medieval thriller/romance, RELICS, is now available! Get your copy directly from the publisher, Thomas Nelson ( or call toll free 800-251-4000 Ext 2180); the new edition won't be available at Amazon for a while yet.

A suspicious cathedral fire. A stolen relic. A terrorist plot to kill the king of France. Intrigue! Betrayal! Romance! Another day in the 13th Century.


ISBN: 0840767358

ISBN-13: 9780840767356

Format: Trade… Continue

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"Relics" re-released

Good news -- my medieval crime novel, Relics, will be re-released by Thomas Nelson Publishers this summer!

This title first came out in 1993 and a few years later was declared 'out of stock' but not 'out of print,' with the result that Nelson retained the rights. So I sent another request to them last month asking that they either revert the rights to me or consider re-issuing the book.

They replied today, thusly:

Mr. Desjarlais,

I apologize…

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Final cover, maybe

The publisher is getting close to a final cover design for "Bleeder." You can tell me what you think of it - you'll see it at my site in the upper right hand corner.

Meanwhile, I received the typesetting proofs (well, the first go with them) this week. The editor wanted a few more changes - tighten a scene here, clarify something there, delete this or that. It surprised me a bit; I thought we were well beyond those sorts of editorial adjustments. I… Continue

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Vote for a cover

My publisher just sent me 4 mock-ups of covers for my forthcoming novel, "Bleeder." I had no say at all about the covers of my previous books and I find it refreshing to be with a small house and an editor who is truly interested in my input. I wouldn't mind hearing from some of you about the 4 proposals displayed at my site,

Here's the premise: a stigmatic priest bleeds to death on Good Friday in front of horrified parishioners. A miracle? Or bloody… Continue

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