I am growing extremely fast,

with the passing of each new day;

I now have an audible Heartbeat,

that is slow, the Doctors' all say.


My delicate hand's and feet,

which once were only small buds;

Have now sprouted fingers and toes,

and I can suck my newly formed thumb.


It is nice and cozy in here right now,

but soon Mommy’s Womb will expand;

To meet the need's of her Embryo,

the One in her Womb that I am.


But my… Continue

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She reaches for the piece of glass,

kept hidden, so no one will know;

That she releases the sorrow within,

by watching her Crimson Blood flow.


She places the glass against her wrist,

as she softly begins to cry;

She presses down as hard as she can,

while her past replays in her mind.


“You’re a worthless, Human Being,

a Failure, Ugly and Dumb”;

Thus she slices through to her Artery's,

until every finger is numb.


The… Continue

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