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The black hole of promotion

As many of you may know, when promoting a book, there is no instant feedback. Usually we're promoting a book that we:

  • wrote years ago
  • sold a while ago
  • edited a few months ago
  • forgot about once it was turned in for final line edits
  • and now have to revisit to promote it
The entire time we're promoting it, we don't know if the promotion is effective because we won't get a royalty check for a few months, so it's hard to determine if the… Continue

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I think I'm getting the hang of this book release thing

Obligatory mention: a book of mine released on Tuesday. Brilliant Disguise is a fun book. I bill it as "Undercover FBI agent meets small town mom. Mom wins."

Here's the blurb:


Nick Baxter, an undercover FBI agent, thinks his BRILLIANT DISGUISE will fool the hicks in New Providence, Iowa. They won't suspect he's there investigating widow Shannon Delgardie, under suspicion of treason. What Nick doesn't know is that everybody in town is conspiring to… Continue

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