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More Kindling

I discovered that there is a way to do this without a charge (I can mail a .txt or .html file [other formats, too] to a me@free.kindle.com address. The Mother Ship converts the file to .amz format and sends it back to me).

I didn't RTFM closely enough to discover this right away (RTFM is the technical support term for "Read The F* Manual"). So ... I remain impressed by this device. There are a couple of little ergonomic features I'd change, but overall, I like it a lot.

Now the…


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Kindle success!!

I got a Kindle for Christmas and have been fiddling with it. My ebooks aren't in the Kindle library (which just means my publishers haven't converted their books to .amz format, for Kindle). BUT -- I can upload the books easily enough to the device.

How? you ask.

It was amazingly easy -- I got my latest book (shameless promotion here: If Not For You, available here from Cerridwen Press) in…


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Yea! Another release!

Just in under the wire for 2007 -- my fourth book released today in digital download (ebook format) and will be available in print later next year.

If Not For You is a book about chance encounters -- or are they really 'chance'? Two people bent on revenge throw Layla Whitford and Max Lerner together, thinking it will be like a mix of oil and water. Little does anyone suspect that staid businessman Max and free-spirited Layla will hit it off -- and how!

Now all they…


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Don't forget the mystery

I'm starting over on my W.I.P.

No biggie. I'm only to chapter 6 and the 2 or 3 chapters I'm going to scrap are actually going to get moved to another section of the book. I was busily writing away, happily enjoying my characters and all of a sudden I realized I'd lost track of the mystery.

I mean, gees ... the guy was murdered in chapter 1 and here I am at chapter 6 and I really haven't dealt with the murder at all. I was having way too much fun with a subplot which will prove…


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Thanks to all for adding me!

Thanks to those who have 'befriended' me. I am still figuring out my way around this space, and hope to jump in and participate a bit more as time goes on. I'm just getting going on my next WIP, so coming over here and dabbling is a nice distraction ... as long as I don't let it get out of hand!


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I am here ...

... but where am I? I'll have to read up on how to use this new network. I've got a MySpace page (http://www.myspace.com/jayellwilson) and I've got a LiveSpace page (http://jlwilsonauthor.spaces.live.com) and my own blog (…


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