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Stephen King, Dan Brown as Howard Hughes, and missed opportunities...

Not too long ago I was watching a primetime television show, as I am wont to do. And lo and behold, there was a commercial for the next Stephen King novel. It contained all of the bells and whistles of a movie trailer, and made those book trailers put together by authors on their own dime (mine, for instance) look woefully inadequate in comparison.

Which got me thinking: what an enormous wasted opportunity...read the rest… Continue

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Title Trauma

Share the laughter and tears of my recent title search here

Excerpt: A few weeks ago my new editor (which bears discussion in a later post, the revolving door aspect to the editor/author relationship these days) announced that she no longer liked the title for my next book. Neither did anyone else at the publishing house, apparently. The words "it induced grimaces at the editorial meeting" were… Continue

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