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Missed Illusions

There's a time in every writer's life where you're facing what might be your big break. Mine happened when I was working as a Congressional Fellow for Senator Kennedy in the late 1980's. His deputy press person told me about a friend of hers who was an agent with the William Morris Agency. Ah. And for most of my life, people had been telling me to write that book of all books about what it really was like being deaf in a hearing world, or trying to be deaf in the deaf world, or trying not to be… Continue

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Glimpses into the life

I posted photos I thought people coming to Bouchercon 2007 might like to see. Some of them are a few years old (as you can tell by the infant or toddler, who is now nearly 7 years old)... but I was looking at what I took around the time of our upcoming Bouchercon and can get an idea of what we keep trying to explain. Yeah, I AM a firm believer that sometimes the images are better than the words. Enjoy!

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The Bionic Woman - Sorta

It was the strangest feeling - reading this article someone wrote that seemed to be writing about me and my life growing up as a hearing person who couldn't hear (i.e., was Deaf) and even the stint in Africa in the Peace Corps! Lastly, was the experience of bionic ears and being able to really hear in a way hearing aids can never do. Several folks sent me the article - sheesh - wonder why?

Then I learned the author, Josh Swiller, has a book coming out Sept. 7-UNHEARD: A MEMOIR OF… Continue

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