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2010 Spinetingler Award: Best Short Story on the Web nominees

Over at Spinetingler the nominees for the Best Short Story in the Web category have been announced.

Next week the full Spinetingler Award nominees will be announced and the polls will open.

All voting is open to the public.

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The Real Ending of The 50/50 Killer

I've written a piece called Post Mortem: Uncovering the Real Ending of The 50/50 Killer by Steve Mosby that posits a new theory of the ending citing textual examples.

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May Mystery Bookspot update


The State of the Onion by Julie Hyzy "This is a terrific beach read that moves along at a good pace."

Scalped: Casino Boogie by Jason Aaron "In this volume we will start to see the broader canvass of characters, their fractured personal histories and the intricately plotted connections that inform their… Continue

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April Mystery Bookspot update


The Magician and the Fool by Barth Anderson "THE MAGICIAN AND THE FOOL is thoroughly enjoyable, and imbued with a rich sense of wonder. What starts out as a juggernaut thriller subtly and skillfully turns into study of magic in the modern world."

The Open Curtain by Brian Evenson "If Jim Thompson were alive today he'd want to write a novel… Continue

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The books we love part 2

Generation Loss by Elizabeth Hand

Elizabeth Hand is one of the finest writers that we have. Her body of work has mainly consisted of SF/F but last year she wrote a mystery/psychlogical/thriller/dark/noir-ish novel called Generation Loss. It recieved a good amount of attention in print and in the Sf/F community but seems to have gone unnoticed in the mystery/crime fiction community.

Here is the… Continue

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Page 123 meme

Sandra tagged me last week with the page 123 meme and in typical fashion I drag assed it. But better late then never.

I'm currently reading a novella, The Brotherhood of Mutilation, that only has 99 pages. Soooo I'll take the liberty of dropping the "1" and do everything from page 23.

"Kline could see he was missing an eye, one closed lid seemed flat and deflated. He was wearing… Continue

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The books we love

Did you ever read a book that completely grabbed you in every way then haunted you for days afterwards? Of course you have because we all have. After reading a book like this you want to talk about it with someone, then, much to your dismay, no one has read it or, in some cases, has even heard of it.

This is just shocking really.

How could they not have heard of the best book ever written?

A few days ago Patti floated an idea out there. Seeing that some books… Continue

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March Mystery Bookspot update


Small Favor by Jim Butcher

The Resurrectionist by Jack O'Connell

Mad Dogs by Brian Hodge

Sweet Silver Blues by Glenn Cook

Mad House by Rob Thurman…


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Gregg Olsen's progressive interview

When I heard through the grapevine that Gregg Olsen wanted to do a "progressive" interview I had an adverse reaction. I mean come on, who really likes progressives right? I mean they always come along and want to try new things, like there's something wrong with what's always worked, right.

But fine, whatever. I'm hip. I'm down with the 411. I can be progressive too.

But seriously. Gregg's new novel, A Cold Dark Place, is out today and like Johnny Appleseed spreading… Continue

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Neuropath by R Scott Bakker

There is a book coming out later on this year that is being marketed as a sci-fi thriller that I think might go a bit unnoticed in mystery/crime fiction circles because the authors last three books were fantasy. Its Neuropath by R Scott Bakker.

One advance reviewer wrote that its the most disturbing book that he ever read. "Neuropath is a psychological thriller that will challenge you in ways that will leave you thinking long and hard after you put the book down.....Neuropath will… Continue

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New Interview with Allan Guthrie

Last month I conducted an interview with Al Guthrie.

At the same time that I was talking to Al Sandra Ruttan was interviewing Ray Banks, so unbeknownst to either of them we conspired to ask them some of the same

questions to see how they answered.…


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My favorite reads from 2007

I dont know how others do it but by sticking with already established favorite authors and mixing in new ones(not to mention the odd blind grab) I had a successful reading year. In actuality

there were about 25 books or so that I read and really liked and what follows

is my unranked top 15.

YA - 1

Comic - 1…


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The Crimes of Dr. Watson - review

Quick Take

The Crimes of Dr. Watson is an engaging and ultimately fun book to read.

When you see this book for the first time, you just want to admire it. This is a gorgeous book that has to be one of the best looking books…


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Half the Blood of Brooklyn - review

Quick Take
Pitt hasn’t so much burned all of his bridges as he has completely blown them up and ends the book, literally, with a declaration of war.

Half the Blood of Brooklyn is the third Joe Pitt casebook following 2005’s Already Dead and last years No Dominion. Since all of the Joe Pitt books have had the same release date, December 26th is becoming…

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Exclusive Ken Bruen Excerpt!!!!

Issue # 3 of Heliotrope is live.

Since we are a recent entry into mystery/crime fiction market we are hoping that future issues will have more crime fiction content. But quality always trumps quanitity right?…

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African Psycho by Alain Mabanckou - review

African Psycho is the first English translation by Alain Mabanckou. Its a first person account of Gregoire Nakobomayo, would be killer, that takes as its inspiration Brett Easton Ellison’s novel American Psycho. Where as the protagonist from Ellison’s

novel is a success at his chosen vocation its interesting to note that

Nakobomayo is ultimately a failure. It’s this fundamental inability to

successfully commit any crime that makes him…

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Ammunition by Ken Bruen

Quick Take

A brilliant addition, and maybe completion, to the series.

I think that it’s safe to…


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Bad Monkeys by Matt Ruff - review

Quick Take:

Bad Monkeys displays for us not only its, at times, dark humor but the patchwork juxtapositioning of odd and imaginative ideas that is Matt Ruff’s


With a gun that kills people using natural causes, a secret organization that spies on people via the eyes on pictures called The Panopticon, axe-wielding clowns in Vegas and great chapter…


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A little bit of old Baltimore died yesterday - A remembrance of Wild Bill Hagy

I felt compelled to write this and since there are no other Baltimore people here please feel free to ignore it

It's a sad day. A little bit of old Baltimore died yesterday.

My phone rang yesterday much more then it normally does on a rainy Monday…

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From the front lines of Charm City or David Simon nailed it - pt. 2

As a follow up to my post from a couple of weeks ago. There is now a follow up to a proposed plan to put Baltimore city Homicide detectives back in uniform and on foot patrol. This

policy has been in place for two weeks now and has not been sucessful so it is

being revoked. Homicide detectives are off the street and back on the case.…


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