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Crimespree now on Kindle

We are now offering Crimespree Magazine as a Kindle download.
As of last night the latest two issues are available.

I've also loaded my book of author interviews from 2003, INTERROGATIONS

you can access all three right here (the last one isn't me!)

Crimespree Kindle

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special offer

Crimespree greetings!

Our 5 year anniversary issue #30 is out now

It's a well packed issue with a great interview with John Connolly as the cover story.

We are extending our special offer of an extra issue if you renew before the 15th, 7 for the price of 6

It's not too late if you'd like to renew and still get this issue or start a new subscription

You can do it on line here:

or send a check… Continue

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Five Years of Crimespree

It's finally getting a little warmer in Milwaukee as we get ready to ship issue #29 of Crimespree next week. We have CJ Box on the cover and an interview to go with it, plus a bunch of other interviews including Barry Eisler, Victor Gischler, Andrew Grant and Linda Fairstein. In addition to the other articles and book and DVD reviews we are also running contests for 19 different book titles.

We are giving away 19 different titles in… Continue

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here comes the holidays

I love the holiday season. Usually it means extra time at home and hopefully extra time with my wife. This year here schedule is a little screwy but we get Xmas eve alone. Very cool.

We're planning on having some friends over which is always nice.

We did finally get the BIG ASS TV we have been planing for. A 48" LCD and it rocks. I plan to spend a lot of time in the next month in front of it staring till I go blind. I now plan to re watch a lot of things, Lord of the… Continue

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Crimespree 23 ready to ship feb 25th

In this next issue:

From The Editor by Ruth Jordan

Newsbits – happenings around the mystery world

Lori Avocado in Alaska

Small Publisher Spotlight: Busted Flush

Fiction: THE BEWITCHED by by James Patrick Hunt

Cover story: Crimedogs

Anthony Neil Smith, Victor Gicshler and Sean Doolittle

Crimespree on the Road: Love is Murder

Sex Drugs rock and roll...and a comic Thriller by Raymond Benson

The Parisian Jungle; French Crime fiction… Continue

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end of summer

I used to hate the fall. Going back to school meant waking up early and haveing responsibilty. Study, pay attention, be on time.

As an adult I need to be on time, pay attention and other various

things that goig along with being a grown up. Howeve I now love the

fall. The weather is perfect, cool and hopefully rainy. Less kids

running around the streets because they are in school.

Fall also means gearing up for Bouchercon. While I will be sitting this

one… Continue

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Tv Theme Songs

Don't get me wrong, I love the Miami Vice theme, the eighties had a
large effect on me for better or worse. However, the best all time
television theme song has to be

Hawaii Five-O

I love the drums, I love the horns. I love the shot zooming in a McGarret and then flipping 180 to show his face.

Great show great song.

The NCIS theme is pretty good too, as is the theme for Bones and Torchwood.

Favorites anyone?

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Crimespree 20

The next issue of Crimespree is at the printers now and has Charlaine
Harris featured as our cover story interviewed by the wonderful Kat

Just read the Ms Tree novel by Max Allan Collins coming from Hard Case
Crime in Dec. Great book! I love the comics he and Terry Beatty
did and this novel is a nice extention of that.

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Advertising Special - Harry Potter Weekend

To celebrate the release of the final Harry Potter book I want to magically

change our advertising rates for crimespace members.

I will be doing Layout on the Sept/Oct issue starting on July 28.

Any ads I recieve before then I will discount 10% if you tell me you

read this blog post. Save an additional 5% if you pay early.

Regular rates are here:

The advertising rates will be going up for… Continue

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Crimespree #19

We are officailly in year four of Crimespree Magazine as we ready to ship issue 19 on Monday.

Cover story with Lee CHild and Gregg Hurwitz...

To Subscribe just go to:

Here are the full contents:…


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Crimespree crimespace special offer

We've recently run a short piece about crimspace in Crimespree Magazine
and as an extention of that I wouls like to extend a offer to the folks

Anyone subscribing or renewing through the end of the month of June can
get 7 issues instead of 6. Just mention in a note or on the
message portion of payal "CRIMESPACE DEAL" and we'll give you an extra
issue with your subscription.

Our latest issue just shipped

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Publicity is a very funny thing. Publishing Crimespree gives me

exposure to a lot of people who want publicity, usually with out

advertising. I understand it, and I even try to help, but sometimes the

trhings we get are just kind of sily.

Strange occurance 1: I received a book to review that came with a press

kit in a nice folder. Part of the press kit was a list of questions I

could ask the author. Problem 1: When I interview someone I use mys… Continue

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Crimespree 18 ready to ship

I picked up the latest Crimespree from the binders and

all things working right it should be at the mailing service and in the

post Wed.

We have a bunch of great interviews in this issue

icluding cover girl Laura Lippman and Stephen King. The Lippman

inteview was done by Sujata Masey and it rocks. Also multiple award

winner Rhys Bowen has written an exclusive short story for us. You will

also see our multi media man Jeremy up front with an… Continue

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Old Television and comics

It's a strange thing that part of putting out

Crimespree now includes watching DVDs. We started reviewing DVDs a

little over a year ago, and Jeremy has done a great job coordinating

the whole thing. We've been getting some nice feedback about the

DVD reviews as well.

I am also doing a page per issue about comics. There are an awful lot

of authors who are now writing comics also. Pus some comics

writers are now writing novels. It's an…

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What the fuck

So I made a mistake that I make every so often, I read Dorthy L.

There were some posts about Casino Royale so I just had to check them out.

These people need drug testing, or maybe they need to do drugs, or

drink, they need to do the opposite of whatever it is they do.

"The new bond is wimpy and effeminate, There's not enough action, I turned it off half way through..."

Wimpy??? Did they not see the ass kicking going on in the…

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A Crimespree Shout out


We at Crimespree are now running recipes from authors and people in the book business in the magazine.

Soooo...... we are asking for recipes to use, both in the magazine and in an actual cookbook.

If you are interested, email me at Jon

Added by Jon Jordan on March 14, 2007 at 1:26pm — 2 Comments

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