Finally did it!

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Exciting News

I just wanted to share this with my Crimespace friends, but wasn't sure where, so I stuck it here.

Last week, my girlfriend and I became engaged. We have the date narrowed down to one of two weekends in April.

I'm 41 and she's 36, and this is a first for both of us, so it has already been a bit of adventure, but an exciting one.

I just wanted to share the news with my friends here.

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New client

It's not writing related, but we've added a new client and we're pretty excited about it.

It is the first entry under "wins."

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Getting blurbs

I ran across this article via Twitter and thought I'd share.

And, if anyone is wondering, you can follow me on Twitter.

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Shout out to Crimespace

In my marketing blog today, which covers an aspect of social media, I give a little mention to Crimespace, in case anyone's interested.

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My Big Announcement

It has been more than a year in the works... and now, hopefully, we'll reap the benefits of patience, planning and hard work.

And yes, soon we'll be announcing a package of promotional services for authors.

Please read our announcement press release.

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Well, it's been a rough year or so in the newspaper industry. Between that and a change in job to a new publishing company, I've not had much time for mystery writing and sites such as this.

But hopefully, I'm back!

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Donut Shop

The Donut Shop, my newest story, is now out on Shred of Evidence. Check it out at www.shredofevidence.com and please leave a comment if you enjoyed it.

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Just an introduction for those who might be interested


My name is Clay and I make my money working as the editor & publisher of two weekly papers in South Texas...on the coast.

It's spring break...why am I writing this now?

My short stories (under the name EC Morgan) have appeared in Shred of Evidence, Crime Spree Magazine, A Cruel World, Mysterical E and a couple other places. I've also published around 200 non-ficiton magazine articles, though not in the last few years.

Most of my writing… Continue

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