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Spotlight: Upcoming PSWA writers conference in Las Vegas

PSWA WRITERS CONFERENCE Today's Las Vegas Spotlight

Hey you mystery writers -- This is a great small conference at the Orleans Hotel.  I went last year and learned a lot plus meeting and networking with lots of teriffic people. Read the Spotlight and check it out. Public Safety Writers Association includes people who are currently in or retired from many aspects of safety like police, sheriffs, firemen, legal…


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Tips for giving interviews

Tips for giving interviews


Every author will be faced with getting and giving interviews at sometime in their career. It comes with the territory and is quite important. Do you want to seem dynamic or ho-hum?




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Spotlight: Greater L.A. Writers Society to host self publishing expert Dan Poynter

If you want to learn more about self-publishing, this is the presentation to attend.


I'll be there!


Los Angeles and Las Vegas Writing Examiner


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P is for Pacing - Part II - Slowing it down

P is for Pacing


Hey you fiction writers out there: have you ever felt the story was running away with you and speeding toward the conclusion or solutions too fast. Slowing things down in a manner the reader embraces is a wonderful tool. Check out today's Writers tricks of the trade: P is for Pacing Part II - Slowing…


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The "Last Bookstore" in Los Angeles moves from 1,000 s.f. to 10,000 s.f. in historic building

Keeping bookstores alive, the LAST BOOKSTORE has moved to a 10,000 s.f. space in downtown Los Angeles with soaring 25 foot ceilings, and a constant influx of used books. Can't wait to visit their store and meet the owner.


If you like the article, please click LIKE to help it get onto the front page of the Examiner issue.




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What's in a book cover?

Phyllice and I are busy plotting Diamonds in the Dumpster

for the rest of this week. Oregon is a nice change of pace for me and it’s

great to spend sister time and develop a plot at the same time. Yesterday we

were in a restaurant, and a fan of our books came up to us and said “Wow. You’re

the sisters who write those funny Silver Sisters mysteries. I recognized you

from your picture.” Cool!

Today’s Tricks of the Trade is all about book covers.



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