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Jon Jordan: Crimespree Magazine

KLS: Tell us a little bit about you:

JJ: I'm from Milwaukee Wisconsin, born and raised. My Dad was a machinist working in the family business, and I also still work some hours doing the same at Jordan Machinery. I love to cook, I do go outside, but much prefer to be inside.

I also much…


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Thyme of Death by Susan Wittig Albert (Book Review)

Well, I finally did it. I jumped into yet another series of books that everyone said would have me hooked before I finished book one. Guess what? They were right.

I spent a couple of weeks (keep in mind I get to read a chapter every couple of days) reading THYME OF DEATH, the first in the China Bayles mystery series written by Susan Wittig Albert. China is a really neat character, a little bit of fun wrapped up in a serious…


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THE SEX CLUB by L.J. Sellers (Review)

L.J. Sellers offers readers a vivid and well-displayed look into a very disturbing and all too real trend. The style and dramatic flair of this author lend a wonderful edge to the book.

When an abortion clinic is targeted by "God's Messenger," one woman could hold the key to all of it, and she doesn't even know it. She's had enough loss in her life, so when her patients, young girls, begin dying all around her it takes its toll. Things really…


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Religion in Mysteries and Thrillers

I have noticed lately that there are a tremendous number of religious themes found in the mystery and thriller genres.

Dan Brown, Steve Berry, James Rollins, and tons more.

I am pretty new to these genres, but it seems to me that they are quite large in numbers. Is this one of those pahses the industry is going through or have I just not noticed it before.

By the way if anyone is looking for an excellent read, I highly suggest MAP OF BONES by James…


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Is it really about personality?

I was in a store today and I looked at the book selection. There were some romances, some self-help, business/reference books, etc. I even saw some westerns. What I did not see were any mysteries or thrillers.

So I asked why. It's a fair question. The response I got was more than a little amusing. They said it's because they don't want "those" kind of people coming in and hanging around. You know that I aske "what" kind of people. They said, "you know, violent people...people…


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Crusader's Cross by James Lee Burke

Once again, James Lee Burke has taken us deep into the troubled past of his best character. Crusader's Cross gives us a look at Dave Robicheaux's relationship with his half-brother Jimmy. Having met a peculiar woman in Galveston, TX years earlier, Dave's past comes back to torment him and those closest to him in the present.

This newsest novel shows us more of Clete, a unique side of Helen, and a softer and temporarily calmer Dave. With his typical flair for…


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Entertainment or Education? An Author's View on Movies and TV

I am a visual person. Those of you who know me have heard me say this a million times. That is the key to a great book for me. I have to see it playing out in video in my mind. (Keep that in mind if you are submitting a book to me...LOL). If I can't see it as it's happening, I just won't enjoy it. Two of the best examples for me are Nancy Martin's Blackbird Sisters mysteries and James Lee Burke's Dave Robicheaux series. For me, their writing is so vivid that I can see all the details.…


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It's All About the Books, Baby!

Well, here I am in a new venue. This one I am pretty pleased to be on because I can cover both sides of my life. As a publisher I can schmooze you and wow you with our wonderful books. Be warned, I am all about selling books. I am pleased to say that Echelon has some fabulous books to choose from and you would be missing out on great stories if you overlook us. I mean it. This month, Echelon's featured title is "Murder Off the Books" by the DYANAMIC duo, Evelyn David. This is a must read for…


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