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Of the three novels I have just released on Kindle this one has been selling best.  I have no idea why that should be.  Is it the cover?  Or is it the description of the book?


MASUDA AFFAIR is the follow-up on CONVICT'S SWORD.  In CONVICT'S SWORD, Akitada loses his small son, and his marriage crumbles.  Fans have objected to this much tragedy. …


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This is one of the novels where e-rights reverted to me and not to Penguin.  To my enormous delight, I get to use them myself.

As with HELL SCREEN (same situation), I had to provide my own cover design.  I usually scour Japanese art for something useful and time-appropriate, in this case a print by Yoshitoshi.  The novel is probably the most romantic of all of…


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Finally, I've managed to get a few books on Kindle.  These are titles where the rights have either returned to me, as in the case of HELL SCREEN, or where I have refused to sell e-rights.  The latter move cost me a two book contract, so I hope this will pay out.


The books were put on Kindle through my agent's office.  They worked from the printed page. …


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Blogs on CrimeSpace

Far too many of the blogs here have nothing whatsoever to do with crime writing.  And of the rest, another 80% are merely used to sell books or post blogs by people who have no interest whatsoever in participating on CrimeSpace and who don't bother to answer comments.

This place has become a dumping ground for SPAM and that diminishes the site.


I would suggest we close the Blog section to anyone who isn't an active member on this site.

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