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While traveling alone on horseback through a gloomy forest near Lake Biwa, northeast of Kyoto, Justice Ministry official Sugawara Akitada suddenly comes upon a filthy, shivering urchin who appears to be deaf and mute.

In the previous installment of I.J. Parker's ongoing saga, Akitada's young son Yori had perished in an epidemic, and out of a sense of desolation, perhaps coupled with guilt, he pulls the waif onto his horse and takes him to lodgings in nearby… Continue

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God Bless the French.

They have their own problems at the moment, what with riots and debts, but they still want to publish my books. And that's more than I can say for the rest of the world at the moment. Belfond just offered for a mass market version of HELL SCREEN. A nice offer! Mind you, they've also paid some nice royalties recently. I think the point of this is that this particular publisher promoted and marketed my series from the start, something that no other publisher has done. It makes all the difference.

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THE MASUDA AFFAIR is taking off!

Well, I looked and saw that it is # 24 among all historical mysteries. The release date is Oct. 28., and it has been selling for a while now.

This time, my book is a hardcover, and not particularly cheap, so I'm doubly flattered and encouraged. May it keep going!

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An Amazon Review of MASUDA AFFAIR

I'm normally just quietly grateful for readers who'll post a review on Amazon, but this one pleased me so much that I'm sharing it. As you can see, the reviewer is of Japanese descent. Writing cross-gender has never bothered me a great a deal, but I also write cross-race and cross-nationality (as well as across time). A review like this proves my profound conviction that all people at all times share a common humanity that allows them to understand each…


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