Jack Getze's Blog – May 2007 Archive (2)

2007 Big Numbers World Tour #5

WASHINGTON, DC (Friday, May 4) -- Delayed by construction, my train from New Jersey arrives at Union Station 10 minutes late. I have a hissing fit when the robotic, incredibly complicated Metro ticket machine steals my $20 bill. And now--two subway switches and one kind stranger later--I’m jogging through the underbelly of the Marriott Crystal Gateway.

In tow are my computer, luggage, and 45 pounds of promotional material. We weave like a halfback through the busy underground… Continue

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2007 Big Numbers World Tour #4

MIAMI BEACH, April 22 — My Sleuthfest 2007 kicked off last Thursday with an afternoon margarita, and climaxes now–Sunday–with a celebratory shot of tequila. I’m fuzzy on what happened in between, but Elke the Bartender just told me I met hundreds of fans and sold dozens of books.

“Really?” I say.

Elke leans forward over the counter to pour me another shot, says, “Screaming masses is what Barb said.” The sides of Elke’s blond pageboy fall to cover her cheeks. “Like the time… Continue

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