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I'm trying to go paperless. I rarely print anything out anymore. When I want to keep something someone else has written, I make a Word

file, copy and paste information into it, then try to decide what to name it so

I can find it again, and usually end up making a new "file folder" in

My Documents. I tend to save whole

emails, as well, especially from family.

Sometimes new people get a file folder so I can…


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I've written a few novels, all but one unpublished. The reason the ones not published aren't is mostly because I think they need more revising, and I'm really stumped on how to do that. Short stories are pretty

easy--there's not a lot of words to work with; they usually take place

over a short period of time, so no timeline needed; they have fewer characters

to keep straight, and so on.

Oh, but a…


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