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Another day, another thousand words

makes me very happy!

However, I also sent out five agent queries via email for a novel

already finished, and within hours, I received three rejections!

I am always glad to receive a response because I know one way or

another, but that was kind of a bummer.

I also cleaned half the refrigerator.

Life in the fast lane . . .

But remember, a chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion.

And poultry in motion is a good… Continue

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Checking In

I'm happy to report I wrote over 1,000 words this morning and submitted a short story. Exactly what I want to do every day. Well, not always submit a short story, but do some other writerly chore. I also waded through probably more than 200 posts that were duplicates on my Yahoo groups. That was fun. NOT

I'm not positive I have everything here on CrimeSpace figured out--especially even finding my own page. LOL And how to tell someone I got their note--when I click on the link in an…


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What's everyone working on?

I figure if perhaps I confess here what I've written most days (or not), I might be more productive.

I try to write about a thousand words a day. Usually on a

novel. But I love to write short stories, so I write on those

lots of days, as well.

My current novel, at around 20,000 words right now, is giving me a few

problems. Today I figured out one major plot point. The

next thing is to figure out why the victim was a victim, and who done

it.… Continue

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