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It ain't gonna spend itself.

I just dropped $25 I could probably use for food or something. Instead, it's going to Ebay for books, of all things. Like I don't have enough of them. Pronzini, Lansdale, McCarthy, and Ellison: I hope you're pleased with yourselves.

Oh, who am I kidding, I can't stay mad at you guys.

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Managed to crank out a first draft for my entry into the Crimespace Australia contest. I feel way less gay for having made steps to participate in this particular contest. Anyways, blah blah blah.

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Re: that last blog of mine.

Turns out you gotta join up with that Gather website to view my entry. And then the entries that recieve the most votes of ten stars get to move on to the next round. So basically a contest to see who can shill Gather.com to the most people.



Not for nothing, but judging by some of the other people on that site and some of the other entries, if nobody votes for me, then I'm on the right track. And so far, I couldn't be more…


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Oh, yeah, here I am.

Y'know, I'd almost forgotten I had a profile on here. My internet presence leaves much to be desired. Or not desired, depending.

Anyways, yeah, crime. Crime's rad. Except when my car gets stolen. Or the passenger's side door lock busted in. Or when my roommate's checks get boosted from our mailbox. But even then, I at least get an opportunity to use the word "paper-hanger."

Been reading Joshua Armstrong's The Seekers. It's pretty good. I could do without some of the…


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