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Lovely Librarian

Just received a lovely email from the CEO of the Greater Victoria Public Library. She wrote: "Well, my name FINALLY came up on the holds list and I just read ‘Switch’ over the weekend. Wow – what a page-turner! I have to tell you, from the very first page I was hooked! You are an amazing writer and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book. It was on a limited loan period because of the number of holds waiting, so I have to admit, I was worried that I might not have time to…


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To the Thief Who Stole

To the thief who stole the GPS unit from my vehicle last week, I hope it helps you find your way.

There have been many crossroads in my life where an electronic signpost would have been welcome; where the gentle nudge of a UK Samantha or U.S. Carl robotic voice was needed to sound out the best way to turn.

I have found myself at many a dead end or travelling down a road where the scenery was unfamiliar and the neighbourhood felt wrong. At those times, I have been fortunate to…


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German cover for NO CRY FOR HELP - Love it!

German cover for my second thriller No Cry For Help being published by Heyne in Spring 2011. Title translates as: Without A Sound. Can't wait.

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First UK review is a rave

Awesome new review of NO CRY FOR HELP from BBC blogger Milo. "One of the most frenetic, atmospheric and imaginative books I’ve read this year . . . McKenzie, building on a solid foundation, plays the story like a concert pianist; faultless anticipation and an all engulfing plot; this is one not to be missed. Powerful stuff."… Continue

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First interview for NO CRY FOR HELP

International Thriller Writers hosts the first interview for No Cry For Help - it was quite a journey from my debut to Book 2, but Bantam will release No Cry For Help in the UK on Nov. 11. Full interview is here:

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Grunt goes to Canada - Spinetingler

The wonderful Spinetingler magazine publishes my humorous essay, Grunt goes to Canada, about the travails of emigrating to Canada from Scotland at the awkward age of thirteen. You can read it

It begins:…

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First Canadian reviews for Switch appear

Advance Reading Copies of SWITCH are starting to make the rounds to book bloggers and media reviewers. The first review to go viral is just terrific and I couldn't be more pleased. I'm truly hoping that Canada embraces it and I can't wait to be able to walk into an actual book store and see my wee debut sitting on…


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First Thrills anthology announced

The International Thriller Writers officially announced the First Thrills anthology today. Edited by Lee Child and featuring stories from the bestsellers of today and tomorrow, it will be published by Tor/Forge in June 2010.

Two reasons why I'm excited about this: First, it features a fun wee crime caper I wrote entitled UnderBelly; and second, it will be published around the same time my debut… Continue

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Switch becomes a bestseller in Germany

As an author, one is told not to pay any attention to Amazon rankings as they'll drive you crazier than you already are. However, in ignoring this advice, as of this particular moment in time, Switch is an official bestseller on Amazon Germany. Die Stimme des Dämons is sitting at No. 32 on Mysteries & Thrillers and No. 137 in the overall category of Books. WooHoo!

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A plethora of five-star reviews for Switch

My debut thriller Switch has been available in the UK for a few weeks now, entered its second printing with a playful switch to a new blue cover to replace the previous red cover, and garnered a fantastic response from readers. There are now 14 five-star reviews on, 3 five-star reviews on… Continue

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Switch launches in UK to great reviews

It's been a long time coming, but my thriller Switch finally debuted in the UK and Germany this week and the reader reviews have been great. After such a long journey to publication, I can't describe how good it feels to receive such positive feedback. Here are a few snippets:

"Terrific, you’ve got to read this one. The emotions, both good and evil, that run through the book set it above most ... and the perverted mind manipulating the action is brilliantly drawn. Great stuff." —… Continue

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Sneak peek at Switch - debut novel launching July 2

I just discovered that Random House has placed a free sneak peek at the first chapters of SWITCH online. It appears to be Flash based and can be found HERE. Switch has also just received a four-star review from New Books magazine in the UK. New Books is an influential magazine for book clubs. And it was also selected as the Recommended… Continue

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Switch called a frantic, adrenaline blast of a thriller

I was thrilled to note that Robin Jarossi of gives Switch a glowing review this week. He writes: "Switch is a frantic, adrenaline blast of a thriller. Without doubt, a pulsating debut that will grab many thriller-lovers by the lapels and refuse to let them go." You can read the full review at: (Warning: There are a couple of plot spoilers.)

Switch gets its official UK debut on July 2, followed by its… Continue

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First newspaper review for Switch, but I can't read it ;-)

I just noticed that a South African newspaper, Volksblad, published a review of my debut thriller SWITCH. Unfortunately the review is written in Afrikaans, which I (being the ignorant unilingual ScotCanuck that I am) can't read. Anyways, I think he/she said good things because the only translation I could work out is the last line: "I will be looking out for McKenzie's second book." Here's the url:… Continue

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Switch debuts in OZ

A friend of mine Down Under picked up a copy of SWITCH today at his local bookstore and sent a couple of pics to prove that I'm a published author. Since I haven't seen a copy of the real book yet, it was a great thrill to know it really did exist ;-) To celebrate the launch, Australian author JJ Cooper posted a Q&A with me on his crime blog wherein I divulge my secret plan to appear on Coronation Street ;-) You can read it… Continue

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Switch set for Australia and Germany

Heyne just sent over their cover for the German edition of Switch, which is set to debut in August, 2009. The title has been changed to The Voice of the Demon for that market. Heyne has high expectations for the book and will be releasing an advance reading copy, plus dedicating two pages in their summer catalogue for bookstore buyers.

Naturally, I couldn't be more thrilled.

It also appears that Australia will be the… Continue

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The Blurbs

OK, my groveling seems to be paying off and, once again, crime writers are proving themselves to be the nicest bunch of people I could ever hope to be associated with. I sent out my plea, and am now beginning to receive some very nice blurbs about my upcoming UK debut, Switch. Here they are:

“A terrific little-guy-in-big-trouble thriller . . . think Saw meets Payback moving at warp speed — with the emphasis on warp.” — Lee Child, Nothing to Lose

“Think… Continue

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Switch ARC arrives from UK

The book proof for Switch arrived today from the UK. It's quite a thrill to be able to hold a bound copy of my book for the first time, to realize that it's real. The book was selected by Bantam for their "Proof of the Month" promotion, so every member of the company was invited to pick up a free copy at work. So that's very cool. Copies of the proof will now be distributed to book buyers and the media, plus a couple copies will be sent to established authors in the hopes they'll… Continue

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Old Sleuth - An Ebay find

I just found this Old Sleuth pulp magazine from 1897 on Ebay. How could I possibly resist? The headline reads Grant McKenzie: A Boy's Battles and Struggles.

Old Sleuth was a dime novel series of novellettes of about 80 pages that were published in New York from 1895 to 1898 by J.S. Ogilvie. They were primarily detective stories set in New York, though several are romances as well. Content is usually boys adventure, or detective/mystery, with some… Continue

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The Evolution of a Bestselling Debut ;-)

As my debut novel prepares to launch with a bang on Nov. 3, 2008, I thought I would look back to where this overnight success began.

I wrote my first novel at 14 when a junior high classmate ran away from home. After school, my best friend and I hopped on our bikes and scoured the suburban neighborhood, calling the girl’s name and looking in her usual haunts. Although we came up empty in our search, the girl eventually showed up safe and sound. But it was that event that… Continue

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