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to Kindle or Not to Kindle...the Q That Tries Men's Souls

WHY 1 Kindle Title Goes Ballistic, Another Goes Blippo –

An academic delving into the inner workings of a typical Kindle Reader’s mind & how to please it……


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Bad to the Bone Confessions of a Kindle Novelist

The Game Changer – eBooks vs. traditional book publishing

by Robert W. Walker, ebook author/publisher…


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Stamping a Brand on it Before it's Written/early promo!

Marketing Before Publication? How About Before it’s Written?

One Way for ebooks in particular…


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Can We Talk about Dialogue?

Can We Talk? Dialogue Can Be So Dramatic & Romantic

by Rob Walker

Let’s start with the…


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Orderly Writers vs. Disorderly Writers - which are you?

Talk About the Disorganized Dysfunctional Writer

by Robert W. Walker

TO DO LIST time! To be honest because I am juggling so much, I’ve made errors, and recently I…


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Top Ten IDEA KILLERS lurking to destroy you

Guess what Think Tanks are for? Brainstorming, right? But so many of us Stop the Brainstorm too soon. Look, no idea is born in perfection, no invention, no artwork, no novel or product. So start a new revolution in yourself: GIVE an idea a home; give it a chance to grow. Below are the top ten Idea Killers - responses to an idea that Destroy it at the roots and cut it off at the ankles but rather "live with it for awhile -- the litmus test for any relationship,…

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Writing Challenge - Write to Your Opposite (SEX)



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WEB Structure in Short Story & The Novel

Story Web Structure to “stay within reason” for the Novel & Short

by Robert W. Walker

When is a story going to get unwieldy and out of your…


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Rob Walker Busy Publicly Writing a Novel in a Year at Dirty Deeds

Julia & Julia Type Journal for Cooking up a Gritty Suspense or Mystery Novel

by Robert W. Walker

It is…


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Review of SILVER by Steven Savile

The New Rival to the Davinci Code is SILVER says Robert W. Walker

The New Rival to the DaVinci Code -SILVER

(a review of Steve Savile’s International Thriller Novel)

I recently read a book that was so absolutely riveting, that I loved so much, that I have decided to place my review of this international thrille right here.

SILVER – an International Thriller by Steven Savile/ISBN – 13-978-1-935142-05-8;415 pgs. 25.95 Hardcover, pub date… Continue

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Raising the Dead - Part 1 and Part 2

Raising the Dead Manuscript from Its Grave Part 1

by Robert W. Walker

I published myself after a lifetime of eschewing any sort of vanity press. And I did it using a “dead” manuscript about a “dead” subject filled with “dead” historical characters in a “dead” time period which one editor, a true pro, said of: “It is the hardest time period to write about, to make come alive, and especially to display any sort of sexual encounter, but in your hands Rob, if anyone can pull it off,… Continue

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Sell it With a Knowing Wink and a Smile - Book Promotions

Just a few suggestions for publicty and marketing and selling it with a look... Besides using Writer’s Market and Jeff Herman’s Guide here are some cool sites:

Great websites to find and verify agents and publishers:

Preditors & Editors: A guide to publishers and publishing services for writers.

Agent Query: The internet’s largest and most current list of literary agents.

Writer’s &… Continue

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Top 10 Solutions to Top Ten Reasons A Book is Rejected

10 Solutions to Top 10 Reasons Your Book was REJECTED

by Robert W. Walker

As both a writing professor and an editor with my Knife Services, I see all manner of writing from the best and greatest writing to the worst and most unfortunate. When an autopsy for your story or book is necessary, it may require a scalpel. In fact a Stryker saw may be needed to cut it to the bone. When I speak to other writers and editors, what I hear again and again about a book’s rejection is that it… Continue

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Synopsis/Pitch and Bullet Outlines - how to write 'em with Free Samples!

It's happening at http.// Rob Walker gives away the secrets that sold over 40 novels. It has to be commercial, it has to be compelling, and it has to be succinct but how do you condense a 90,000 words into a synopsis and an outlline? Here's how. Find me at Murderous Musings as I am on Blog Tour for DEAD ON coming out July from Five Star.

RoboWriter Rob
Before there was a word KONRATHIAN in the dictionary...there was Rob

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Noir interview and reunion with JA 'Joquin Phoenix' Konrath aka Jack Kilborn

JA Konrath & Jack Kilborn Cornered By Rob Walker (an interview and a reunion)

Today my Friday the 13th blog at Acme Authors Link dared welcome the indomitable JA Konrath to our humble niche of the internet. Konrath is the author of six thrillers in the Jack Daniels series, all named after drinks. He’s also got a new book coming out, a horror novel, under the pen name Jack Kilborn, called Afraid. You can visit him at

I stalked… Continue

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Short Story is a Diamond, Novel a String of Pearls (hopefully)

Hello everyone within the sound of my voice. Do you understand that the short story form is at absolutely the other end of the spectrum from the novel? I am and have always been a long-distance writer. Early on, I learned that when starting a short story--thinking it so--that it'd always turn into chapter one, that there was more and more and more to come for this set of characters. The short story eluded me for years, but now I feell I have a handle on it. Secrets REVEALED here now for you… Continue

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