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We Interrupt Working To Deadline For This Rant

The new ms is due Friday, and to make matters worse the kids are on their second full day off school so far this week.

With the volume of snow falling and the forecast for the night, I'm not optimistic they'll be in school tomorrow.

With all these last-minute conspiracies trying to prevent me from finishing the ms this week, what on earth am I doing taking time out to blog?

I'm not a happy camper.

The… Continue

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The Long Tail & Hawaii 5-0

Another review comes in for THE FRAILTY OF FLESH. This book seems to have some legs. I worried it would be overshadowed by the year-end busyness and releases from big names, but those things seem to only have delayed the discovery instead of preventing it.

Sandra Ruttan has a perfect recipe for this multilayer thriller. First layer:


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Meme of Tears

What's hit you on an emotional level and made you cry?


TO THE POWER OF THREE by Laura Lippman

A book that hit me on an emotional level. Sometimes, life is such a game to teenagers, and then they make choices they can never take back that are like throwing a boulder into a pond, and the ripples spread out and hit everyone else in reach, and sometimes those ripples have the force of a tsunami and wreak destruction on the people in their… Continue

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16 Random Things

I've been tagged, and I've shamelessly dragged Stuart MacBride, Tom Piccirilli, Patrick Shawn Bagley, Russel D. McLean and a host of others into it. I was just doing what I was told, so blame Linda. ;)

The confessions are here

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Poll Dancing

If you haven't had a chance to check out the debut issue of Crooked, a new Zine that's being published at Eastern Standard Crime, you can follow the link. There's also a poll on the site now, giving you the opportunity to vote on your favourite story from the… Continue

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Life Imitates Art

I'm not sure that I'm giving anything away if I say that THE FRAILTY OF FLESH is a hard book for my protagonists, and one character in particular. Working on the next book in the series, one of the key things is how people are seeing this person. They're trying to figure out if the character is okay, and they're looking for some sign, some normal behaviour, some actions that reassure them that they'll have the person they know back again.

This is where life imitates art. We've been… Continue

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Happy New Year Indeed

One really can't complain when they wrap up the year with a review like this:

THE FRAILTY OF FLESH by Sandra Ruttan: Another great outing from Sandra Ruttan who is building her cast of Canadian constables into a winner of a series. A child is found beaten to death, his brother names their sister as the killer. The entire family is obviously dysfunctional and an impediment to solving the crime. A cold case continues to haunt the department and jeopardize current…

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