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Stop Thief! (And a few other things)

Mouse steals mans dentures. After being captured three times and escaping a mouse stole his captor's dentures, which were later recovered from inside a wall in the man's home.

That comes from the strange but true file.

This comes from the shocking file. A Texas man dismembered his former…


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It's Official

I have been declared a force of evil.

I am delighted the week ended on such a high note! Considering the source, I take this as quite a compliment (and if you want to know and follow the links you will get there in a recent post on this 'literary' person's site).

I can go to bed now and rest easy, knowing my work for probably the whole year is done...

(At least I'm not…


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Kevin had another call this morning. This wasn't a particularly welcome development. Not only did it wake me up, but he's in a course this weekend, so the alarm was already set for 5:30 am.

The call came in much earlier. Second middle of the night call this week. This time, car accident. Wee hours of Monday morning, fire. For living in the middle of the sticks there sure is a lot that happens out here.

I got up, as I often do. Read my email. Puttered around online…


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MySpace Virgin

Okay, I admit it: I'm not on MySpace.

I've long held the view that MySpace is the refuge of teenagers and pedophiles who troll the internet looking for vulnerable prey.

Well, okay, in all honesty I just don't have the time for managing one more thing online. First I have my pet pages: Chinook, and Nootka, the husky love pups. Then I have…


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Ken Bruen Appreciation Day

It might have been more appropriate if this was March 17th, but today is International Ken Bruen Appreciation Day.

I met Ken last fall, in Madison. He’s such a warm person I imagine I felt as so many others have when they met him – a sense of camaraderie and acceptance and instant ease with the man. Ken is so likeable and genuine, and down to earth.

I emailed him afterwards, to say it was great to meet him. I never made it through my entire list after conventions,…


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