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Quick Updates

WHAT BURNS WITHIN has made the top 10 best reads list compiled by the lovely librarian blogger, Lesa Holstine, and I consider that a real honour.

I was also recently interviewed for Shots Magazine, and you can find out the answers to whether or not I agree that I'm… Continue

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Best Of

Who thought Linda L. Richards, Tom Piccirilli, Christa Faust, Val McDermid, Anthony Neil Smith -and Sandra Ruttan?! - should get top honours? Check out this varied, cross-genre best of list contributed to by multiple authors and reviewers.

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No Return?

Borders and HarperStudio have made a bold move to eliminate returns. I'll be curious to see how this plays out in the coming months, but I'm also curious to know what people in the book business think. Is this move good or bad?

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The MMPB Review Debate

THE FRAILTY OF FLESH has just been reviewed in THE GLOBE AND MAIL.

Significant, because not only does it mark my first major newspaper review, but because of the long-held beliefs that mass market paperback releases struggle to gain prominent industry reviews.

When WHAT BURNS WITHIN was released it was reviewed in… Continue

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Imaginary Friends

In conjunction with the release of THE FRAILTY OF FLESH I'm guest-blogging at Fresh Fiction.

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4 Days and Counting

On Monday, my third book, the second in the Nolan, Hart and Tain series - THE FRAILTY OF FLESH - goes on sale. Well, to be technical, if you pre-ordered it from Barnes and Noble it's being shipped as we speak (according to my mother).

I would expect the odd review to be popping up about FRAILTY, but it's interesting to see that reviews continue to appear for WHAT BURNS WITHIN. The latest sums up with:

"What Burns Within is a vividly told story with a propulsive forward… Continue

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My first Bouchercon post is up. And God, it's too early for blogging.

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A Worthy Venture

One of the reasons I love Crimespot is that I can quickly scan and see if there's a topic of interest that's being discussed that I want to read about - instead of taking the time to actually go around to a bunch of different sites, waiting for them to be updated.

One of the shortcomings of aggregators, however, is that they don't filter content. You still have to scan it to see what all the posts are about, and sometimes the short teaser doesn't give the complete…


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Important Spinetingler Update For Authors of Submitted Works

This is an important message for writers waiting for a response to submissions sent to Spinetingler.

In the spring there were some web issues, and ultimately Spinetingler's hosting was moved to a new service. During the transitional period, e-mails were set to forward to the new e-mail accounts, as they currently do.

However, some of the initial e-mails forwarded were stripped of the original sender information. All attempts to recover those addresses have failed,…


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Selling Snake Oil To Readers

Something I.J. said on the forum here yesterday got me thinking: Is it possible that market manipulation is contributing to the decline in reading? After mulling over some remarks made recently on the internet by different authors, that's the question I'm wrestling with today at my relocated blog.

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Cyber Book Launch Party

I'm hosting a cyber-party today, celebrating the launch of three new books. Drop by for virtual champagne and real music at my regular blog and check out the quick Q&As I did with special guests Tom Piccirilli and Barbara Fister.

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A Promotional Opportunity For Authors

We're still ironing out the kinks with At Central Booking, but it's almost ready to roll. By the time of the new Spinetingler Issue mid-May, ACB should be polished up and shining.

Already, we have fun features Craig McDonald's Lie Detector for HEAD GAMES is a lot of fun, and you can find out how Allan Guthrie's HARD MAN protagonist, Pearce would spend his final hours on… Continue

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Hot Topics Light My Fire

Curt Purcell offers up A Positive Account of Genre Fiction, which is presently generating some thoughtful comments. It's one of the most in-depth articles I've seen on the genre vs literature debate, and to be honest, I'm still processing it. For us in mystery, it's one of those topics that can get old fast, because we've been around the… Continue

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my apologies for the frailty of flesh

There are times in your life that things are so bad all the cliches actually start making sense. Spinning out of control. Don't know which end is up. Emotional roller coaster.

And when you're there, the only thing you seem to know with certainty is just how messed up everything is.

Right now, I'm displaced. Sort of homeless, and I feel overwhelmed by the awareness that I don't have an anchor. I'm sitting here, listening to…


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Greatest Writers: Hardboiled/Noir vs Mainstream/Cozy

In the wake of the Daily Telegraph list of must-read crime/thriller authors, The Rap Sheet decided to create their own. I was looking at the discussion about it and came back to the same question I've pondered…


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A "Me" Moment

I got my first big review in for WHAT BURNS WITHIN, from Publishers Weekly:

What Burns Within Sandra Ruttan... Three Vancouver constables—son-of-a-sergeant Craig Nolan, bombshell in the boys’ club Ashlyn Hart, and stolidly antisocial cop Tain—are drawn together as the rapes, arsons and child abductions they’re working on respectively converge. The three, who have a beef over a prior case gone bad, must get over their personal differences and chase scant leads before another…


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Effective Marketing

First: What do Kurt Vonnegut, Naomi Novik, Michael Chabon, John Scalzi, Neil Gaimon, Joe Hill and Terry Pratchett all have in common?

Along with many other authors, they’re all contenders in the Fantasy Bookspot 2007 tournaments. There are two tournaments, an all-time (classic) tournament and a 2007…


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A Sense of Place and Time

Last night, I dreamed of Germany.

It wasn’t the Germany of 1989 and 1990, when I spent time living there. In this dream, I had returned to Berlin, to Checkpoint Charlie, and it was all but gone. I was trying to glance back at what would have been that untouched white wall that ran the length of the East German side. I had been there when the wall had come down, had seen people carving up the West German side.

Now, there are no sides. Not the way there was…


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Believability In Fiction

Maria and Lawrence have been expressing different opinions about Robert Crais’ THE WATCHMAN and part of their exchange has centered on the issue of believability and suspension of disbelief.

Quoting Maria: I didn't have trouble with the suspension of disbelief because none of it is supposed to be terribly believable. For me, it was no different than a space story--lots of guns, lots of fighting and…


Added by Sandra Ruttan on February 24, 2008 at 4:36am — 5 Comments

Mindrape: The Internet, Access, Accuracy and Abuse

Intellectual property theft isn’t just an author issue: Today I learned a site is abusing individuals by posting their comments without permission.

I’ve been grappling with my feelings about this all day, and will come full circle. The question of how we use the internet, and how seriously we take what’s posted on it, was raised in my mind recently. The trigger was a discussion on Crimespace, in which an ITW press release was posted…


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