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Promotion - love it or hate it? And what about Networking Sites?

We're having an intense discussion over at Type M For Murder about the value of promotion. How much? How much is too much? How much do you hate it? We've also started discussing the value of net working sites such as this one. Have a look, if that's your interest:

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New Mystery Radio Show

Tomorrow (Thursday Dec. 20) is the debut of my new mystery novel show (as yet unnamed!) on Internet Voices Radio ( I will be on every Thursday at 8:30 PM Eastern Time. Each week, I'll have a guest mystery writer. My first guest is the lovely and talented Charles Benoit (Relative Danger, Out of Order, Noble Lies). Next week it will be the equally lovely and equally talented Rick Blechta (Cemetery of the Nameless, When… Continue

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Modern Policing

Over at Type M 4 Murder ( we've been having a lively discussion on the RCMP Taser incident at Vancouver airport, and what policing means to us. We are none of us police officers, so we don't have any special insight, but we are citizens. Check it all out.

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Book Tour (Cross-posted from Type M 4 Murder)

Vicki here. I'm writing this sitting in a Starbucks in Phoenix waiting until it's time for me to go for my TV appearance. This evening I'll be at Poisoned Pen bookstore in Scottsdale, and I'm really looking forward to that. The book tour is coming to an end, and I'll be glad to be heading back North. To the cold and snow. Yummy. (BTW that is not a sarcastic comment). The highlights: Four Eyed Frog books in Gualala, California (pronounced Wallawalla). A delightful store in a lovely little…


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Audio - Cross Posted from Type M 4 Murder

Vicki here, and tonight I'm in Fort Bragg, California heading for the improbably named Gualala where I'm doing a booksigning tomorrow at Four Eyed Frog Bookstore. With a name like that, I'm expecting a fun place!

I've been on the road since May. I've crossed half of Canada, from Oakville, Ontario to Tofino (as far west as you can go before getting wet) and by this time next week I'll have driven from Alaska to San Diego. I'm getting very, very tired of the CDs I have in the car. I love… Continue

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Radio Interview from Bouchercon

The interview I did for Internet Voices Radio - Live from Bouchercon - is available online. I interviewed a publisher, an editor, and several writers: Dana Stabenow, Louise Penny, Charles Benoit, Julia Pommeroy, Donis Casey, Debby Atkinson, and Lou Allin.

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In Anchorage

I've arrived early in Anchorage. It's Monday evening and I'm settled into the Hilton. I had a great trip up from Nelson - 10 days on the road. The weather wasn't the greatest and it did break my heart on occasion to know that I was travelling through fantastic scenery with nothing but a lovely view of the clouds. But I'm here now and the skies are clearing outside my hotel window. If any Bouchercon attendees get in early, give me a buzz and perhaps we can have a drink or something!

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On the Road Again (again) heading to Bouchercon

I'm in Port Hardy, B.C. tonight, waiting to catch tomorrow's Ferry to Prince Rupert. From there I'll drive up to Anchorage for Bouchercon. It's a long trip, but one I've wanted to do for a long time. Three years ago my mother and I spent a week in the Yukon. We didn't see a thing - the smoke from forest fires was so thick that in all the time we were there (and we drove from Whitehorse to Dawson City via Tok, AK) we didn't see a mountain. We kept looking at pictrues of what we were supposed to… Continue

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Internet Radio

Last night (Tues. Sept 11) I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Lillian Cauldwell on Internet Voices Radio. Lillian was a wonderful interviewer and we had a fun conversation. She had read my book, Burden of Memory, and most of our discussion was about that. Of course I put in a couple of plugs for In the Shadow of the Glacier (which isn't yet out, so Lillian couldn't get one). Lillian said that Burden reminded her of Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca. Very high praise indeed. The interview…


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Type M For Murder

I usually post my weekly blog entry onto Crimespace, but this week I've decided to send you over to the blog instead. I share blogging space with five great mystery writers, so check them out. We discussing promotion, among other things, always a popular topic. . My blog mates, Rick and Charles are in the advertising business, so they know a thing or two about promotion.

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On the road again - Cross posted from Type M for Murder

P.S. What do you think of that photograph? Isn't it just perfect. The colours! That's me at Tofino on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. What the picture doesn't show is that I'm about to be in incredible pain, as I pulled my back out getting into the boat.

On The Road Again

I'm on holiday right now - having a vacation from my retirement. I drove out to the B.C. coast, visited Salt Spring…

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Hot Enuf for Ya? (cross posted from Type M For Murder)

Hot Enuf for Ya?

Vicki here, sweltering in B.C.
There really is nothing that can take the place of on-the-spot research. In the Shadow of the Glaicer, the first in my new police procedural series, takes place in the fictional town of Trafalgar, which is set in the fictional area called

Mid-Kootenay, which is set in the real place called the Kootenays.…

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The Simple Life (cross-posted from

Like a throwback to days of yore, I'm settled comfortably into my new housesit, and I have to do without cell phone coverage (gasp) and use a... are you ready?... dial-up Internet connection. Hard to believe, isn't it? I actually have to phone my cell phone number to pick up any voice mail messages and wait for a second or two for my online warfish game screen to refresh.

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So Many Friends

This is just great. I joined Crimespace, and within a couple of days I had all sorts of interesting writers and readers wanting to be my friend. I haven't been this popular since.... actually, I've never been popular. I'm looking forward to reading up on all the authors on Crimespace and finding some great new books to read.

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News and Inspiration (cross-posted from Type M For Murder -

News and Inspiration


gotta love a small town. On the front page of today's Nelson Daily News

there's a story about none other than me. The picture is below the

fold, but the headline "Mystery author meets Draft Dogers" is above the

fold! And it's a very nice article as well, about my new book and how

it's set in a fictional version of Nelson and dealing with Vietnam

era-draft dodgers. Nelson's… Continue

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