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What Bill Clinton is reading

In case you didn't know, Bill Clinton is a voracious reader, a huge fan

of crime fiction, and generous with personal praise to writers. I know that he has contacted Michael Connelly, Harlan Coben, and others to thank them for their work. He even

called me once after Judgment Calls was published to say how much he

enjoyed my first book (yes, I did freak out, but only on the inside - I


He's also a fan of JLB (aka my dad) and says here that Tin Roof Blowdown… Continue

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DEAD CONNECTION TOUR - Day 20 - August 4

Well the names have all changed since you hung around,

But those dreams have remained and they're turned around.

Okay, so I was only gone for about three weeks, but it was still a good Welcome Back at the official end of the DEAD CONNECTION book tour. The very last event was an intimate breakfast signing at Mystery Lover Books in Oakmont, PA on August 4.

Thanks again to everyone who showed up to say hello or wished me well through…

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DEAD CONNECTION TOUR - Day 19 - August 3

A motley crew braved the heat for last night's signing at Barnes & Noble. In the house were Hofstra colleagues (from the twenty-somethings to the septuagenarians), Hofstra students (current and alums), neighbors, a cousin, a Pilates pal, a tall blonde British fellow who writes books about a man called Reacher, Duffer's play-date's person, long-time friends like Anne Lise and Maggie, and newer ones like many of you whom I've met online.

Tomorrow morning a black car is coming to pick… Continue

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DEAD CONNECTION tour - Day 15 - July 30

Ain't no party like a Portland party cuz a Portland party don't stop...

The good readers of Portland turned out the crowd of the tour tonight at Powell's. Unfortunately, you'll have to take my word for it because I somehow managed to erase all of the cool pictures that Sean took tonight.

Hopefully some of the folks who were there with cameras can email the pictures to me.

Duffer took his first…

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DEAD CONNECTION tour - Day 11 - July 26

Today was the first significant flight delay of the tour, from Seattle to San Francisco. Maybe the Gods really are trying to tell me I belong back in the Pacific Northwest.

I rode in a Prius for the second time on the tour, this time to Ed Kaufman's wonderful M is for Mystery. Our very own FriscoSpice from the message board was there, proving that she is indeed a stand up comedian.

Tomorrow the husband and the Duffer will meet me in Portland. It's the Duffer's first plane… Continue

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DEAD CONNECTION tour - Day 10- July 25

Today I nearly had to throw down with the good folks at United Airlines in Denver. Long story. Involved me running two minutes behind the 45 minute cut off to check bags in Denver (b/c I spent 20 in the line to get to the nice lady who told me the only option was to travel tomorrow when I could show up 90 minutes in advance as required). Highlight was collapsing two bags into one bag in front of a small crowd to cheer me on, then sprinting to the gate in time to board. Human perseverance, 1.… Continue

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DEAD CONNECTION tour - Day 9 -July 24

I swear, y'all. I leave town for a week and Lindsay Lohan gets popped again?! Seriously, what kind of entourage does she keep that allows her to engage in high speed SUV chases with a .12 BAC and coke in her pocket? BTW, if you haven't seen the clip of CNN's Jack Cafferty attempt to boycott the LiLo story, it's proof that the man might occasionally climb off his rocker but hasn't consumed the cable news koolaid yet.…


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DEAD CONNECTION tour - Day 8 - July 23

Today kicked off the second week of tour. The lowpoint was the start of the day, when my four year old nephew in Phoenix realized that mommy, daddy, Auntie Alafair, and he were all going to separate places after a weekend of nonstop fun. I thought his little heart was crushed by my imminent departure, but then he started counting all the toy cars he had to bid farewell before school, and I realized he'd probably survive the day all right.

The high points were seeing my 100 year old… Continue

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DEAD CONNECTION tour - Day 6 - July 21

It should be no suprise, but it's smokin' hot in Phoenix in July! Barbara Peters and her ever-awesome colleagues at The Poisoned Pen hosted a terrific event, as usual. Thanks especially to the Burke-regulars for the big turnout despite the nasty heat.

I was good and went to the gym today, so the rest of the weekend is for rest, which I will devote to playing with my four year old nephew, James Lee Burke IV, and catching up with the adventures of Harry Potter. Don't you dare tell me… Continue

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DEAD CONNECTION tour - Day 4 - July 19

Last night a big crowd of Wichitans gave me a warm welcome back to Watermark Books, where I used to work on holiday break wrapping presents. Among the crowd were my sister Andree, best high school friend Kim, family friend Robin, and the parents of some of my closest childhood friends. It was hard to stop once we all got started. Folks seemed particularly interested in Ellie Hatcher's backstory in Wichita.

Unfortunately I can't figure how to download my pictures on my sister's… Continue

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DEAD CONNECTION - Day 3- July 18

Landed in Chicago without a hitch in time to for a call-in with NPR's Talk of the Nation. I think many of you would enjoy the brief interview about readers who skip to the end of the book first. Listen to it here:

We had…


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DEAD CONNECTION tour - Day 2 - July 17

Tuesday night was a joint event with the talented debut writer Brent Ghelfi at Minneapolis's Once Upon a Crime. Local writer Peter Rennebohm was a mensch and helped Pat move all the books. Minneapolis regular Bob Lynch provided a warm friendly face, and I made many new friends as well.

After the event, Brent and his wife, local writer Chris Everheart, and I discovered that steakhouses in Minneapolis don't mess around. I tried not to think about the number of future Brangelina children… Continue

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DEAD CONNECTION tour - Day 1 - July 16

Monday was Day 1 of the book tour for DEAD CONNECTION. I was able to check off the "trains" part of my planes, trains, and automobiles trip, with my first ever ride on Amtrak. Leg room, no seatbelts, and a restaurant: I am now a train convert.

We had a great group of friendly people at Kate's in Boston. I tried to get a burger afterward at the famous Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage, but it was too crowded. I settled for dinner at the bar of the restaurant next door, where I shared stories… Continue

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Soprano's finale - SPOILER ALERT

If you haven't watched the end of the Sopranos yet, DON'T READ THIS. If you have, please read on. (If you never plan to, who the heck are you and where have you been the past eight years?)

After all the speculation that Tony or AJ would be killed, or that Adrianna would rise from the dead, ending with a blank dark screen was a bold choice that is bound to piss off a ton of people. However, once I was finished yelling "It's…


Added by Alafair Burke on June 12, 2007 at 3:07am — 2 Comments

Why I'm a Fanjaya

OK, this has nothing to do whatsoever with mysteries unless of course you're one of those people baffled by the allegedly mysterious appeal of American Idol contestant Sanjaya Malakar. But since I mentioned on my CrimeSpace page that I'm an American Idol addict, more than a few people here have wanted my views. (Not suprising. Talking to other AI viewers is probably the best thing about watching AI.) Well, I admit it. I'm a fan of Sanjaya. And, no, not because I listen to Howard Stern or…


Added by Alafair Burke on April 10, 2007 at 1:06am — 5 Comments

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