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Review - The Priest, Gerard O'Donovan

Book Title:   THE PRIEST

Author:   Gerard O'Donovan

Publisher:   Sphere

Copyright:   2010

ISBN:   978-1-84744-406-6

No of Pages:   373

Book Synopsis:

His name is THE PRIEST.

His weapon is A CRUCIFIX.

His victims don't have A PRAYER.

A killer is stalking the dark streets of Dublin.  Before each attack, he makes the sign of the cross; then he sends his victims to God.

Book Review:

Serial killer story-lines. … Continue

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Review - Like Clockwork, Margie Orford


Author:   Margie Orford

Publisher:   Atlantic Books

Copyright:   2010

ISBN:   978-1-84354-943-7

No of Pages:   314

Book Synopsis:

When a beautiful young woman is found murdered on Cape Town's Seapoint promenade, police profiler Dr Clare Hart is drawn into the web of a brutal serial killer.  As more bodies are discovered, Clare is forced to revisit memories of the horrific rape of her twin sister and the gang ties that bind the… Continue

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Review - Red Ice, James Phelan

Book Title:   RED ICE

Author:   James Phelan

Publisher:   Hachette Australia

Copyright:   2009

ISBN:  978-0-7336-2441-4

No of Pages:   442

Book Synopsis:

The outlines of two figures were just visible behind a half-open tinted window.  Watching him, waiting.

Lachlan Fox went on his way, the back of his neck prickling with sweat.  He was beginning to feel it was the start of a very long day.

Book Review:

Never having read any of… Continue

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Review - Bold Blood, Lindy Kelly

Book Title: BOLD BLOOD

Author: Lindy Kelly

Publisher: Harper Collins

Copyright: 2009

ISBN: 978-1-86950-733-6

No of Pages: 288

Book Synopsis:

When Dr Caitlin Summerfield took the message, her satisfying life included a rich, sexy boyfriend, an exciting career and, best of all, she was free of the emotional maelstrom that characterised her disastrous relationship with her mother.

Her father and brother are both long dead, and reluctantly… Continue

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Review - The Third Rail, Michael Harvey

Book Title:   THE THIRD RAIL

Author:   Michael Harvey

Publisher:   Allen & Unwin

Copyright:   2009

ISBN:   978-1-4088-0585-5

No of Pages:   284

Book Synopsis:

A woman is shot as she waits for her train to work.  An hour later, a second woman is gunned down as she rides an elevated train through the Loop.  Two hours after that, a church becomes the target of a chemical weapons attack.  The city of Chicago is under siege.

Book Review:… Continue

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Review - The Priest of Evil, Matti Joensuu


Author:   Matti Joensuu

Publisher:  Eurocrime

Copyright:  2006

ISBN:   1-900850-93-1

No of Pages:   204

Book Synopsis:

There have been a strange succession of violent deaths at Helsinki tube stations.  The police are baffled: nobody has seen anything and the tapes from CCTV show nothing.

Detective Sergeant Timo Harjunpää of the Helsinki Violent Crimes Unit has experienced more than enough of the seamier side of… Continue

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Review - Black Ice, Hans Werner Kettenbach

Book Title:  BLACK ICE

Author:   Hans Werner Kettenbach

Publisher:   Bitter Lemon Press

Copyright:   2005

ISBN:   1-904738-08-7

No of Pages:   224

Book Synopsis:

Erica, an attractive local heiress, is married to Wallman, a man with expensive tastes.  When she falls to her death near their lakeside villa, the police conclude it was a tragic accident.  Scholten, a long time employee of Erica's, isn't so sure.  He knows a thing or two about the true state of… Continue

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Review - Between Summer's Longing and Winter's End - Leif G.W. Persson


Author:   Leif G.W. Persson

Publisher:   Doubleday

Copyright:   2010

ISBN:   978-0-385-61418-4

No of Pages:   551

Book Synopsis:

It begins with the apparent suicide of a young American student in Stockholm. What is at first an open and shut case of suicide quickly leads to a complex web of international espionage, treachery and ultimately the legendary murder of the Swedish Prime Minister, Olof Palme.… Continue

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Review - A Death in Tuscany, Michele Giuttari


Author:   Michele Giuttari

Publisher:   Abacus

Copyright:   2008

ISBN:   978-0-349-12007-2

No of Pages:   381

Book Synopsis:

In the picturesque Tuscan hill town of Scandicci, the body of a girl is discovered.  Scantily dressed, with no purse or other possessions, she is lying by the edge of the woods.  The local police investigate the case - but after a week they still haven't even identified her, let alone got to the… Continue

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Review - The Serbian Dane, Leif Davidsen


Author:   Leif Davidsen

Publisher:   Eurocrime

Copyright:   2007

ISBN:   1905147120

No of Pages:   267

Book Synopsis:

LISE CARLSEN:  A successful journalist trying to smooth over the cracks in a failed marriage.

PER TOFTLUND:  A crack member of Denmark's secret service, a lone wolf:  unattached, without family and fanatically committed to his work.

VUK:  a highly skilled political assassin who has lost…


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Review - The Genesis Flaw, L.A. Larkin


Author:   L.A. Larkin

Publisher:   Pier 9

Copyright:   2010

ISBN:   978-1-1741967883

No of Pages:   360

Book Synopsis:

Human experiments in Zimbabwe.  An Australian farmer's death.  A Sydney CEO's suicide.  Only one woman sees the connection.  Serena Swift is a ballsy advertising director with a guilty conscience who takes on the world's most powerful biotech company - Gene-Asis.

Serena hooks up with a hacker and… Continue

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Review - The Celtic Dagger, Jill Paterson


Author:   Jill Paterson

Publisher:   Gibbes Street

Copyright:   2010

ISBN:   9781921517129

No of Pages:   221

Book Synopsis:

University professor Alex Wearing has been murdered in his study, and the weapon is a valuable museum artefact.  His brother, James, is the key suspect in Inspector Fitzjohn's investigations.

In this gripping tale of intrigue, James and Fitzjohn follow different paths in their own search for… Continue

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Review - Harbour, John Ajvide Lindqvist

Book Title:   HARBOUR

Author:   John Ajvide Lindqvist

Publisher:   Text Publishing

Copyright:   2010

ISBN:   978-1-921656-67-5

No of Pages:   500

Book Synopsis:

On a winter trip home to the island of Domarö, Anders and Cecilia take their six-year-old daughter Maja across the ice to visit the lighthouse at Gåvasten.

And Maja disappears. Leaving not even a footprint in the snow.

Two years later, alone and more or less permanently drunk,… Continue

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Review - Follow the Money, Peter Corris


Author:   Peter Corris

Publisher:   Allen & Unwin

Copyright:   2011

ISBN:   978-1-74237-379-9

No of Pages:   260

Book Synopsis:

Cliff Hardy may still have the moves but he's in trouble. The economy's tanking and he's been conned by an unscrupulous financial advisor and lost everything he's got. Cliff only knows one way, and that's forward, so he's following the money trail.  It's a twisted road that leads him down deep… Continue

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