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Australian Crime Fiction Snapshot: Introduction

For the week starting 3rd of March 3 Australian book blogs will be running a large number of short and sharp "interviews" with Australian Crime fiction authors. For the full details / an introductory post you can catch up at:




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Review - Stalked, Brian Freeman

STALKED is the third Jonathan Stride novel. Set in Duluth on the shores of Lake Superior in Minnesota Stride finds himself investigating his own. His long-term work partner Maggie is in her house, asleep in bed, when her husband - downstairs, on the couch, is shot with her gun. Full review at:


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Review - A Quiet Belief in Angels, R J Ellory

This is a different sort of crime fiction book - with an ongoing series of murders as a (for want of a better way to describe this) a backdrop to the central character's life. Slow, moving and fascinating. Full review at:


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AustCrime has had the decorators in

Well it's also had the structural engineers in - but after a massive slog - we're all brand new:


Everything that was there before is still there - it just might have moved a bit - if you're looking for the chatroom or anything else this
might help a bit:


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Kathryn Fox draws headlines on The Age website (well for a little while anyway :) )

Well it's the lead story on The Age's website right now - doesn't mean something won't move it away later in the day, but for a short time... Crime Fiction makes headlines!


If you're quick: http://www.theage.com.au

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Review - Sensitive New Age Spy, Geoff McGeachin

Maybe it's just me, but every now again I come across a fictional character that I'd like to meet.


Depends on how game I'm feeling I guess, but I think Alby might be one of those characters.

Of course, never for breakfast, and preferably somewhere there is a large, thick brick wall between us and the great unwashed. But still, he is the sort of bloke that you wouldn't mind having a glass of wine with

and oh, I don't know, explore why…


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Review - Still Waters, Nigel McCrery

I have to admit - reading this book I saw Jack Halford crossed with Brian Lane whenever DCI Mark Lapslie appeared on the page. Alas for anybody not quite as addicted to New Tricks as I am that will mean
nothing, but for an interesting idea of a book - follow the link below
to a full review.


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Fan Mail by PD Martin - online webcast release on 7th February

Fan Mail will be officially launched on the 7th February with an online webcast - if you head off to:


For details of the webcast, where to login and the various times for times in Australia, North America (East and West coast) and UK / Ireland.

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Review - Absolution, Caro Ramsay

The link below will take you to my review of this first book from
Scottish author Caro Ramsay. This fits so well into one of my
favourite styles - the exploration of the effect of crime - this time
the damage that is done to a young man who just happens to be assigned
to guard a victim. This was definitely a fascinating aspect of this


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Review - Power Play, Joseph Finder

Follow the link below to my review of POWER PLAY - which I believe is
part of a category now known as "corporate thrillers". This book is
based around a hostage taking situation.


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