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Review - On The Run, Colin McLaren

Book Title: ON THE RUN

Author: Colin McLaren

Publisher: Victory Books

Copyright: 2009

ISBN: 978-0-522-85703-0

No of Pages: 286

Book Synopsis:

Cole Goodwin spent years undercover, infiltrating the Mafia and putting the Australian Godfather behind bars for twenty years. As his team celebrate the 'guilty' verdict, the Mafia are rolling out a vendetta, aided by Cole's corrupt boss. The dodgy Inspector Mack has plans for a prosperous retirement in France, and… Continue

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Review - The Gigolo Murder, Mehmet Murat Somer


Author: Mehmet Murat Somer

Publisher: Serpent's Tail

Copyright: 2009

ISBN: 978-1846686948

No of Pages: 255

Book Synopsis:

Devastated by a break-up, our unnamed Turkish transvestite heroine swaps her catsuit for pyjamas and becomes a recluse. But her friends refuse to let her waste away in self-pity and drag her out to make up the numbers for a party. There's serious grooming to do before our girl's up to the challenge - her… Continue

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Review - The Edge of Madness, Michael Dobbs


Author: Michael Dobbs

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Copyright: 2009

ISBN: 978-1-84737-285-7

No of Pages: 390

Book Synopsis:

Cyber-war. Not the sort that steals identities and raids bank accounts, but the kind that brings nations to their knees, switching off their energy lifelines, crippling financial markets, starving their leaders of authority, making populations panic.

Book Review:

It doesn't seem to… Continue

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Review - Golden Relic, Lindy Cameron


Author: Lindy Cameron

Publisher: Clan Destine Press

Copyright: 2010

ISBN: ebook

Book Synopsis:

When Professor Lloyd Marsden is found murdered in the Museum of Victoria, Special Detective Sam Diamond is assigned to catch the killer. Thrown into a world of obsessive collectors, strange poisons, funerary rites and ancient artefacts, Sam’s photographic memory and cryptic crossword skills are invaluable tools in her… Continue

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Review - We Know, Gregg Hurwitz

Book Title: WE KNOW

Author: Gregg Hurwitz

Publisher: Sphere

Copyright: 2008

ISBN: 978-1-84744-120-1

No of Pages: 310

Book Synopsis:

We Know who you are

Nick Horrigan thinks that he has his life back on track after a mysterious, traumatic incident that occurred just before his eighteenth birthday. He has forgotten about the past, and lives contentedly in LA.

Book Review:

WE KNOW is the second book from Gregg Hurwitz, which was… Continue

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Review - Women Who Kill, Lindy Cameron & Ruth Wykes


Author: Lindy Cameron & Ruth Wykes

Publisher: Five Mile Press

Copyright: 2010

ISBN: 978-1-74211-460-6

No of Pages: 250

Book Synopsis:

Women Who Kill explores more than a dozen cases of murder in Australia and New Zealand where women have taken the lives of loved ones and total strangers for the thrill of it.

True Crime writers Lindy Cameron and Ruth Wykes examine the evidence and look inside the hearts and minds of… Continue

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Interview with Michael Robotham

Post the release of his latest book BLEED FOR ME Michael Robotham

generously spared me some time when he was in Melbourne recently.

BLEED FOR ME is the 5th book in Robotham's central series, which is

cleverly based around a shifting focus of 3 loosely connected

characters. Unexpectedly, but pleasingly for readers, BLEED FOR ME

sees the focus staying with Professor Joe O'Loughlin following on from


Michael, born and raised in NSW Australia,… Continue

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Review - Eden Prime, Andy L Semple

Book Title: EDEN PRIME

Author: Andy L Semple

Publisher: Zeus Publications

Copyright: 2010

ISBN: 978-1-921574-53-5

No of Pages: 496

Book Synopsis:

In the increasingly turbulent atmosphere of international environmentalism, the once peaceful grass roots climate change group – The Eden Movement - has been covertly taken over by the mysterious figure known only to his legion of radical followers as Prime.

At the same time, an increasing number of high… Continue

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Review - Let the Dead Lie, Malla Nunn


Author: Malla Nunn

Publisher: Pan MacMillan Australia

Copyright: 2010

ISBN: 978-1-4050-3920-8

No of Pages: 392

Book Synopsis:

DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA, 1953 Forced to resign from his position of Detective Sergeant and re-classified as 'mixed race' after an incident involving a young black woman, Emmanuel Cooper winds up powerless and alone in the tough coastal city of Durban, mixing labouring with surveillance work for his old… Continue

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