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Review - The Woman Before Me, Ruth Dugdall


Author:  Ruth Dugdall

ISBN:   9781921922893

Location:  United Kingdom

Series:   Cate Austin

Publisher:   Text Publishing

Year of Publication:   2012

Rose Wilks and Emma Hatcher.

New mothers together.

But Rose's baby is in intensive care, and when Emma's son is killed, Rose is the only suspect.

Probation officer Cate Austin's new case is Rose Wilks, convicted of manslaughter and due for parole after…


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Review - Babylon, Stephen Sewell

Book Title:  BABYLON

Author:  Stephen Sewell

ISBN:  9780522858464

Location:  Australia

Publisher:  Victory Books

Year of Publication:  2011

Mick, an English backpacker, heads to the north of Australia for sun, women, and a shot at making a fortune working the shrimp trawlers.

While looking for adventure, Mick hitches a ride with the enigmatic Dan who leads him into more trouble and depravity than even the most reckless traveller could stomach. As the…


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Review - All My Enemies (re-released), Barry Maitland

Book Title:   ALL MY ENEMIES

Author:  Barry Maitland

ISBN:   9781742376547

Location:   London

Series:   Brock & Kolla

Publisher:   Allen & Unwin

Year of Publication:   2012

In one of the finest and most pivotal books in this critically acclaimed series, never before published in the U.S., D.S. Kathy Kolla reports to New Scotland Yard and to D.C.I. David Brock's Serious Crime Division.

Just before Kolla is to start her new job, a young woman…


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Review - Silence, Jan Costin Wagner

Book Title: SILENCE

Author:  Jan Costin Wagner

ISBN:  9781846551772

Location:  Finland

Series: Kimmo Joentaa

Publisher:  Harvill Secker

Year of Publication: 2010

A young girl disappears while cycling to volleyball practice. Her bike is found in exactly the same place that another girl was murdered, thirty-three years before. The original perpetrator was never brought to justice -- could they have struck again? The eeriness of the crime unsettles not only the…


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Review - Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat, Andrez Bergen


Author:  Andrez Bergen

ISBN:  9780984559701

Location:  Melbourne

Publisher:  Another Sky Press

Year of Publication:  2011

Cut to Melbourne, Australia--the most glamorous city in the world. It also happens to be the only one left standing, but nevermind that, we're there now and I'd like you to meet your narrator, a certain Floyd Maquina, a likable chap with one hell of a story to share.

See, the powers…


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Review - The Wreckage, Michael Robotham

Book Title:   THE WRECKAGE

Author:  Michael Robotham

ISBN:   9781847442215

Location:   Baghdad, London

Series:   Vincent Ruiz

Publisher:   Little Brown

Year of Publication:   2011

Billions of dollars are missing from Iraqi banks, and journalist Luca Terracini will risk everything to discover where it is. His Iraqi-American background has made it easier for him to infiltrate the darkest corners of the war, but death of his beloved Nicola in a suicide bombing…


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Review - Slash and Burn, Colin Cotterill

Book Title:   SLASH AND BURN

Author:  Colin Cotterill

ISBN:  9780857381972

Location:  Laos

Series:  Siri Paiboun

Publisher:  Quercus

Year of Publication:  2011

Dr. Siri was 72 years old in 1974 when he was forced out of retirement and grudgingly became Laos's national coroner. Now he might finally be allowed to retire (again). Although he loves his two morgue assistants, he's never loved the job, and he wants to spend some time with his wife before his…


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Review - Devil-Devil, Graeme Kent

Book Title:  DEVIL-DEVIL

Author:  Graeme Kent

ISBN:   9781569478738

Location:  Solomon Islands

Series:  Ben Kella

Publisher:  Soho

Year of Publication:  2011

It's not easy being Ben Kella. As a sergeant in the Solomon Islands Police Force, as well as an aofia, a hereditary spiritual peacekeeper of the Lau people, he is viewed with distrust by both the indigenous islanders and the British colonial authorities. In the past few days he has been cursed by a magic…


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Review (True Crime) - Murder in Peking, Paul French


Author:  Paul French

ISBN:   9780143567523

Publisher:   Penguin Australia

Year of Publication:   2012

January 1937: Peking is a heady mix of privilege and scandal, lavish cocktail bars and opium dens, warlords and corruption, rumours and superstition - and the clock is ticking down on all of it.

In the exclusive Legation Quarter, the foreigners are jumpy. Japanese troops are poised to attack, and word has it the Chinese…


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Review - The Betrayal, Y.A. Erskine

Book Title:   THE BETRAYAL

Author:  Y.A. Erskine

ISBN:  9781742750187

Location:  Tasmania

Publisher:  Bantam

Year of Publication:  2012

Tasmania is in the grip of one of the longest, bleakest winters on record and it's particularly icy at the Hobart Police Station. Of the many golden rules in policing, one is especially sacred: what happens at work stays at work.

So when a naive young constable, Lucy Howard, makes an allegation of sexual assault against…


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Review - The Mistake, Wendy James

Book Title:   THE MISTAKE

Author:  Wendy James

ISBN:   9781921901041

Location:   New South Wales

Publisher:   Penguin Australia

Year of Publication:   2012

Jodie Garrow is a teenager from the wrong side of the tracks when she falls pregnant. Scared, alone and desperate to make something of her life, she makes the decision to adopt out her baby – and tells nobody.

Twenty-five years on, Jodie has built a whole new life and a whole new family. But when a…


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Review - The Namesake, Conor Fitzgerald


Author: Conor Fitzgerald

ISBN:   9781408824498

Location:   Italy

Series:   Alec Blume

Publisher:   Bloomsbury

Year of Publication:   2012

When magistrate Matteo Arconti's namesake, an insurance man from Milan, is found dead outside the court buildings in Piazzo Clodio, it's a clear warning to the authorities in Rome--a message of defiance and intimidation from a powerful crime syndicate.

Commissioner Alec Blume, interpreting…


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