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Dos and Don’ts of Chatting with Book Reviewers

Being a book reviewer is tough work.

At least for me.

Not only am I an avid reader, but I also write fiction. When I go into a story, I’m searching for not only what works as a reader, but what works as a writer. And when dealing with authors, I’m thinking as a reviewer as well as a writer.

Writers are notoriously sensitive, so when I have to give a harsh review, it’s not easy. But it has to be done. Writers must have thick skins in this business. After all, the biz is…


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The Newbie Speaks

I started a new job a few weeks ago, so I cut myself some slack on writing. During my lunch break - typically at Wendy's since the 99 cent menu is all I can afford thanks to gas-gauging - I have some time to focus my thoughts on my characters and plot and where it's going.

Of course, those notes are great when I sit back down at the computer, but time away takes its toll - especially on a story like mine. I have a lot of twists I want to pack into the pages to give readers a…


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