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A few changes at You, your publisher or publicist can now send books directly to me for review on our site. Just shoot me a message and I'll get you my address.

Thanks so much for sending over your work!

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Intensity Part II: The Epiphany That Took Too Long

I was commenting on Amanda Stevens' blog about dolls when the windows of my brain finally clicked together into something that is so obvious, it's embarassing that it took me so long to put it together.

It's not so much that I didn't know what I was thinking. It was a matter of putting it into perspective - a good example to illustrate what I'm thinking.

Recently, I told you that many books I've reviewed have lacked the intensity expected in thrillers. I've been disappointed…


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I keep receiving thrillers for review that lack intensity. You know, that spark, flare, flash, heart-stopping, nail-biting, can't-stop-turning-the-pages feel of a great thriller novel.

It's not that the books aren't good. They are. (Well, for the most part.) But they lack that fundamental element that makes a thriller, well, thrilling.

I'm seeing a lot of POV shifts - too many within a scene that causes confusion. I'm seeing stabs at omniscient POV. Unfortunately, the…


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Excuses, Excuses

I haven't written a word on my novel in nearly four weeks. Oh, I've thought about said novel. I've written down twists and places that need reformatting. But I have yet to tackle the dreaded scene that haunts me.

I got hung up on POV based on some comments from a critique group. Now, all I can see is POV. I can no longer see the story.

Then, I started a new job. I work weird hours, but the character generation potential is awesome. I broke a tooth, and I mourn the loss of Cape…


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You Can't Help But Laugh...

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