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Falling in Love Again

Okay, I admit it. I've met someone new.

Sigh. *batseyes*

Do you want to hear about him? I don't even know what to say, he's soooo dreamy. Which means, I admit, that I dream about him constantly. Daydream. You know. Oh my. But he's so amazing.

His name is Eager Gillespie.

Yes, I know, that couldn't be his real name? Could it? Maybe it is. When a while can be named Moon Unit or Metallica, Eager doesn't sound so weird. Of course, maybe it's…


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Let's Talk About Guns

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Yesterday, as you all surely know by now, a monumental tragedy occurred at Virginia Tech, dozens injured or killed by a gunman.

An event like this is going to bring up all kinds of talk. Gun control advocates will make their case. Gun support advocates will make their case. Immigration will come into it, because now we know the gunman was a resident alien from South Korea. This event will…


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