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Shep's tracks were seeping, causing his left forearm to stick to the sleeve of the Member's Only jacket that he just scored from the Catholic Charities clothing room.

Carefully, he rolled both sleeves up to his elbows, and checked the damage.

"Infected. Shit." He mumbled, as he made his way down Rush street, looking for a restroom to clean his wounds. He cursed himself for picking a "cool" jacket over a warm one. November nights in Chicago held nothing but bone chilling cold for…


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CITIZENS Flash Fiction

Scarface Billy saw me before I saw him.

"Hey Roll-yer-own. What's up, tramp?"

I said "Hi" with my chin, and set my duffel down by his park-bench.

I didn't expect to see a familiar face in Portland when I crawled out of the boxcar that morning. Night Eyes was sleeping off a drunk under an over-pass when I slipped away and hopped a freight out of Seattle the night before. She wouldn't cry when she woke-up. Citizens cry. Tramps just move on.

Scarface aimed the neck…


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THROWING RICE Flash Fiction by E.A. Cook

Troy didn't like to be rushed. Didn't like that the paparazzi was all over the place on this one. But he was a free-lancer, so it came with the territory. He prefered close-up work, but his employer wanted a distance shot at a celebrity wedding. So he waited from his balcony.

He'd been enjoying the purrs and moans of a raven-haired, well endowed beauty when the call came in to his Manhatten apartment. They needed the shoot done today. In Malibu. He had three hours to catch a flight,…


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