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New Story Online

My flash fiction (under 1,000 words) story, "Something About Harry" is online at Every Day Fiction. You can find the story here: http://www.everydayfiction.com/something-about-harry-by-dave-bara/

It's an SF piece, sort of my quick take on robotics and one possible future. There's some nice comments by readers too. Feel free to read and/or comment.



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Yes, I'm Back...

On Crimespace and I actualy have some crime fiction to talk about now! I wrote a short for the Seattle Noir anthology called "Freak Show" last summer, and it made it to the final three stories before being bumped. Sigh. So I'm looking for a market for the story, preferably one that pays. I know about Hitchcock's and Ellery Queen, but beyond that I'm pretty much a rube when it comes to crime fiction markets. Anybody have any ideas?

I'm also brewing up another story, short or… Continue

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Quantum Of Solace Review

Posted over at Musings From The 21st Century.


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Aquarius Project

An update on my future-PI with psychic abilities project over at Musings From the 21st Century...



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I have finally received my $50 payment for my contribution to the Teacher Miracles anthology. Woo-hoo!

Hey, money is always well received at my house.

My shorts keep bouncing back with nice comments but no sale. I must push on.

The Second Novel (Reunion Day) is now past 60,000 words and on the downward slide to completion. I'm looking to have it market-ready by July when the major conferences begin (PNWC, Willamette, Bouchercon, Surrey). Trying…


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I've had a sinus infection for a week. This has been very detrimental to my writing. I'm sitting at about 53,000 words and 25,000 snot balls. Going to take another crack at it today.

In other news, my check for the Teacher Miracles anthology arrived from Adams Media. $50 bucks. Now I feel like a pro! As Brian Thornton suggested, think I'll take a color copy of it and keep it my scrap book, or maybe frame it. Personally I'd like to place it next to first novel advance check... still…


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Funny Trees

I took this photo myself. What do you suppose the landscapers were trying to say with it? Thoughts? Donna?


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reunion day

Reunion Day, my second novel, has now passed 50,000 words. Peter Cochrane and the good crew of the USN Benfold have just jumped into the Callis system where they are about to discover something very bad; a biogenic virus created by the Sri. Can they find a cure before Valiant jumps into the system? How many of…

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I'm Dying To Know

Fellow mystery writers; there is only one question to answer:

The Illusionist, or The Prestige?

I'll give you my vote after I hear yours.


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Well I have to say Norewescon was a disappointment. I met up with Kat Richardson and janna Silverstein so that was good, but beyond that the partying was mediocre at best and there were precious few opportunities for professional contacts. It kind of seemed like an overgrown junior high school party. Next year I think I will go only if my book is out.


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Norwescon 30

Well friends, I will be off to Norwescon 30 in Seattle this weekend... For those of you who don't know this is the premier SF/F convention in the Northwest... A few of us will be there... likely Brian Thornton among others. It should be fun trying to take surruptitious photos of 300 pound Klingons in thongs! I'll be sure and post those.


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An Apologetic Rejection?

I've never received an apology for a rejection before. I wonder if the pros out there have any opinions on this being legit or--- something else?

Either way, it makes my rejection Hall of Fame.


Dear Dave -

I hate writing this letter.

I deeply regret to inform you that "The Nightwalk" did not make the

final cut for Volume 30/3 of XXXXXXXX. Please understand that we

received nearly 400…


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I'm Told I Should Blog

So here I go. My friend Brian Thornton turned me on to this site, and I love it! More mature than myspace, and not as weird as LiveJournal.

I have lots of friends on here, people I know personally, Brian, Mike Wolf, Michael Jacobs, Bill Cameron, the Lovely Donna Moore (that's an official title). I'm looking forward to meeting so many more of you! Please chat and let's get to know each other!


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