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Be All You Can Be

As we reach 4,000 dead and the 6th year of the war in Iraq, it’s no secret that the armed services are suffering from recruiting problems.

What isn’t widely publicized is that nearly 25,000 non-citizens are on active duty in the U.S. armed forces and many have died in Iraq, including Marine Lance Cpl. Jose Gutierrez, an illegal Guatemalan immigrant, who was killed in action on March 21, 2003.

High schools with large Mexican and Latino populations have complained that… Continue

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Corporate Crimes

I read in the paper today that John Stumpf, the CEO for Wells Fargo & Co., received over $12 million in compensation last year while the total return for shareholders in his company was down over 12%. If my math is correct, that means that Stumpf collected $1 million for every 1% the company stock lost in value.

Where can I get a job like that?

The former Bear Stearns CEO, James Cayne, collected $40 million in compensation in 2006 while his company and shareholders… Continue

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Crimes and Punishment

It’s difficult to feel sorry for Eliot Spitzer, the soon to be former governor of New York. The man who once crusaded against prostitution has, himself, spent thousands on high-class call girls. The irony is inescapable. Spitzer joins the rapidly growing Larry Craig list of hypocritical politicians and Bible thumpers.

Spitzer’s wife and family have been deeply wounded by his behavior. Those wounds will leave emotional scars that may never heal. Spitzer has lost the trust of the… Continue

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More Shootings

Monday’s shooting at a Wendy’s restaurant in Florida is merely the latest in what has become almost a daily occurrence. Over the past couple of months, we’ve had mass shootings in schools, malls and restaurants. After each tragedy we wring our hands, call for prayers, and angrily debate what the founding fathers meant by the “right to bear arms” and whether we should ban handguns or arm everyone. Instead of continuing those unending and pointless debates, perhaps we should step back and look at… Continue

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