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Savage Flu

Just when I think I’ve got the best of this Black Death/Captain Tripps/Ebola/whatever the fuck has been wrong with me since Left Coast Crime…

Over the past two days I’ve been dealing with yet another unwanted encore of high fever and coughing, this time with the added bonus of severe sinus congestion and an inexplicable stabbing pain in the right side of my mid-back. Sheesh! This damn flu is like a bad rock band that will not get off the stage.

But on the bright side, I… Continue

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Film Noir Festival: Peter Lorre

In spite of my promise to cut out the distractions and get back to work, I still managed to fuck off to the movies last night. I had a fantastic time last year doing the entire Film Noir Festival, but sadly, this year I just can’t spare the hours away from my desk. So I’m picking and choosing. One of my picks from this year’s crop was last nights rare proto-noir double bill of STRANGER ON THE THIRD FLOOR and THE FACE BEHIND THE MASK.

STRANGER has Lorre slinking around in the shadows… Continue

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Back to the Grind

Well, that’s enough of that. I’m officially done with traveling for the next few months. Time to pull up the drawbridge and chain myself to the desk. Jetsetting around like a rockstar is all well and good, but it’s meaningless if I don’t do the other, more important part of my job. I’m going to go write a book now.

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NoirCon Confidential: Day 2, part 2

I’ve put up a few NoirCon photos, but those who were in attendance during the now legendary “champagne toast” are probably wondering why certain key photos are missing from this set. I’ll get to that…

Now, where was I?

OK, we finally get Lou’s car back to him and help him lug some stuff over to the restaurant where the auction will be held. Bookstore Greg already got all my extra money and I… Continue

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NoirCon Confidential: Day 2, part 1

Started the day with coffee at a wonderfully grungy little South Street joint called The Bean Cafe. It ain’t Starbucks, and that’s a good thing. I spent a very entertaining half hour people watching from my perch under this astounding serial killer painting of Hall and Oates.

This was actually for sale. I wonder how much the artist was asking…

From there it was off to the Noir Ladies Auxiliary panel. Now that’s not entirely… Continue

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NoirCon Confidential: Day 1

Where to begin…?

I guess I’ll start by saying that this was probably the best convention I’ve ever attended. The smaller size made it much more intimate and I really enjoyed what I call the “gay bar” factor. By that I mean you know going in that everyone in the room is into the same thing. You don’t get that awkward “what do you write” moment where you find out the person you’ve been chatting with for ten minutes only likes cat cozies where no one swears.

I arrived at 7am… Continue

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I’m off to Philly on a redeye tomorrow night, headed for NoirCon. I have to say, I’m seriously sick of travel, but this looks to be a good time.

In other Noir news, Noir City at the Egyptian kicks off this weekend too. How’s that for bad timing? I’m particularly pissed about missing Wicked Woman and The Story of Molly X. I’m gonna try to hit as many of… Continue

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Death and the City

First Night and the City's star Richard Widmark, now the director! Jules Dassin (Brute Force, Thieves' Highway, Rififi) has died in Greece at 96.

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I Can Quit Anytime!

Yeah right...

When I went to the paperback show today, I brought a small cloth tote bag, about 12" square. I told myself I would not buy more than could fit in that little bag. We all have ways of controlling our addictions. Well, I did not buy more than could fit in the little bag, but that little bag was packed close to bursting by the time I dragged myself away. The real killer was the eleventh hour score of a beautiful copy of WHIP HAND by W. Franklin Sanders. (Charles Willeford)… Continue

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The Other Savage Night

Can't wait for this!

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Good News and Bad News

The good news is that the Black Ace vintage paperback show is this Sunday. The bad news is that the Black Ace vintage paperback show is this Sunday. Bad news for my wallet anyway. I’m dead broke after all this traveling, but I know I’m not going to be able to resist picking up one or two. Or five. Or seven.

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Goodnight Harry Fabian

One of my personal favorite Film Noir icons Richard Widmark

died this morning at age 93.
His performance as two bit hustler Harry Fabian in NIGHT AND THE CITY (my favorite film of all time ) was brilliant and unforgettable. He is also fantastic in PICK UP ON SOUTH STREET and who can forget his riveting debut as laughing psychopath Tommy Udo in KISS OF DEATH? I… Continue

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Signing Schedule

Here is a rundown on the signings, readings and other book related events I’ll be doing in the next month or so:

San Francisco, CA

1/26 Signing HELL OF A WOMAN 6 pm as part of the NOIR CITY film festival at the Castro Theater, 429 Castro St San Francisco, CA 94114 (415) 621-6120

New York, NY

12/27 Hard Case Crime… Continue

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His Kind of Noir

There’s a review of MONEY SHOT up on the Thrilling Detective blog. Man, I have to admit I was a little worried about this one. TD’s Kevin Burton Smith is not known to mince words or pull punches and he’s also got impeccable taste and an encyclopedic knowledge of noir and hardboiled pulp. That “Betty Boop of noir” crack notwithstanding, I think this is one of the reviews I’m the most proud of.

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Wait for it…

The MONEY SHOT trailer is finally finished and will debut on YouTube tonight, December 3rd at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific. I'll also be posting it here on crimespace.

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Hell of a Woman Signings

I’m doing a bunch of signing this weekend for Hell of a Woman, an anthology of female noir.

Latitude 33 Bookshop

with Megan Abbott, Eddie Muller and Theresa Schwegel

311 Ocean Ave., Laguna Beach


Friday, November 30th @ 6:30pm

Mysteries to Die For

with Megan Abbott, Naomi Hirahara, Eddie Muller and Cornelia… Continue

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Well the MONEY SHOT trailer is finally in the bag. Roxy flaked on me so I had to find a new model and reschedule but amazingly I was actually able to pull it off last night. I shot the whole thing in a friend’s garage for five cents, with a home made lighting kit and sets made from spit and string. Props to my amazing DIY crew: my shooter Charles, my armorer and stunt hand Adam, the endlessly patient Janet for craft services and letting us use her bathroom and of course my live-action Angel,… Continue

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I’m Off

I’m off to NYC, doing a last minute sweep and clear to get my dad packed up and moved out. I probably won’t have time to post till I get back, but in the meanwhile, check out cozy rebel Sue Ann Jaffarian’s post about subgenre labels, our combined book launch, the cozy vs. noir kafuffle and why you should just read.

More on that later.

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Torture Porn

So, I’ve finally risen from my bed of pain. It’s been too damn long since my last post. For starters, thanks to all the big booty ladies who offered to nurse me. Sadly, I have simply not been fit for polite (or otherwise) company. I do hope you’ll all come out and represent at my big book release bash at the Mystery Bookstore in Westwood on February 3rd. I also hope that by then I will no longer be lithsping like someone’s teenaged babysitter… Continue

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Sorry, I'm Blonde

I completely forgot to mention that I will be speaking at the Burbank Library today:

Sisters in Crime/LA is proud to present a panel of mystery writers

featuring Lori Wolf, Mari Sloan, Christa Faust, and Kate Thornton, with

moderator Gay Degani. Whether you want to be terrified or thrilled,

these authors will talk about keeping their readers on the edge of

their seats.

The event will be held at the Burbank Library on October 20, from 2 -…


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