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Because I hate deadline pressure...

I've reserved my room at the Sheraton Baltimore City Center for Bouchercon 2008: Charmed to Death a full nine months in advance. See you there.

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FIRST DROP by Zoe Sharp

British soldier-turned-bodyguard Charlie Fox is assigned to protect

Trey Pelzner, the bratty teenage son of an American computer

programmer. From the first chapter, Charlie and Trey are dodging

bullets. When she tries to report the attack, Charlie finds the entire

protection detail has been compromised. Both Trey's father and

Charlie's boss/lover have disappeared, and Charlie stands accused of

kidnapping Trey.

Among many highlights,… Continue

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I'm not the biggest Dennis Lehane fan. Though I found his

Kenzie-Gennaro books compelling, I also thought he tried to do too

much. By the end of the series, I'm not sure the books were P.I.

anymore, and I'm not sure that was a good thing. That said, Lehane's

trademark put-'em-through-hell plot is tailor-made for a movie, and Ben

Affleck nails Boston's local color so squarely the accents and

attitudes grated on this New Yorker's ears.… Continue

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SLIDE by Ken Bruen and Jason Starr

Picking up from last year's Bust,

Max Fisher wakes up in a motel in Robertson, Alabama, no idea how he

got there. Using his friendship with a young stoner desk clerk, Max

returns to New York as a high-rolling crack dealer. Meanwhile, femme

fatale Angela Petrakos finds herself mixed up with an aspiring Irish

serial killer called Slide.

Slide is less plot-driven than… Continue

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BUST by Ken Bruen and Jason Starr

Bust begins with cheapskate

tech millionaire Max Fisher plotting the murder of his overbearing wife

Dierdre so he can live happily ever after with his busty Greek-Irish

executive assistant Angela. Max contacts a peculiar hitman calling

himself Popeye, who is actually Angela's lover, Dillion, with whom she

plans to rob Max blind.

Got all that? To reveal any more would spoil the book's madcap fun. The characters are all… Continue

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Deeply affected by the events of his last case (detailed in 2004's Little Girl Lost), John Blake has eschewed the detective business and become an administrative assistant at Columbia. Songs of Innocence

opens with the news that one of Blake's classmates in a writing

workshop, Dorrie Burke, has committed suicide. Dorrie's mother doesn't

believe the reports and tries to hire Blake to find out who… Continue

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PATRIOT ACTS by Greg Rucka

On sale August 28 is Rucka's first book in six years about

deep-thinking bodyguard Atticus Kodiak. In trademark fashion, Rucka

lands fans in the middle of the action, picking up fifteen minutes

after Atticus and his assassin lover Alena have dispatched their enemy,


Atticus intends to leave Alena at a safe house in upstate New York, but driving away, he is ambushed. Narrowly escaping,

he returns to the safe house to find several guards killed,… Continue

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NIGHT WORK by Steve Hamilton

Juvenile probation officer Joe Trumbull has spent the past two years

mourning his fiancee Laurel, murdered the night of his bachelor party—a

case that remains open. When the first woman he's dated in two years

turns up dead, memories come flooding back. When the details of her

death match those of Laurel's, Joe begins to wonder if there might be a

connection, improbable as it seems. When other women with whom Joe's

had the briefest contact are killed in… Continue

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THE CLEANER by Brett Battles

On sale June 26, this debut novel of new world espionage follows

professional "cleaner" Jonathan Quinn, hired by secret organization

"The Office" to dispose of a body after a fire.

When Quinn arrives on scene, evidence indicates murder, apparently a calling card

left for The Office. Suddenly not only members of The Office, but Quinn

himself become targets for assassination. Forced to go to ground with

his apprentice in tow, Quinn begins to piece together… Continue

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THE MARK by Jason Pinter

After a fight with his girlfriend Mya, 24-year-old New York Gazette

reporter Henry Parker is in no mood to interrupt a sobbing voicemail

from her, when in fact Mya was calling for help after being attacked.

Guilt over his inaction drives Henry to intercede when the ex-con he's

just interviewed is threatened by a man with a gun. In the ensuing

struggle, the gun goes off, killing the man.

The next day, Henry picks up the… Continue

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What's in a Nametag?

As yesterday was so summer-like, I walked 2.3 miles to the train station

and headed west for Black Orchid Bookshop's annual Edgar party. With a

crowd covering half the block, I couldn't say hello to everyone I

wanted. Nametags were in short supply and as I haven't written a novel

yet, I didn't press for one. I did talk poetry with soon-to-debut

mystery author Liz Zelvin, and talked baseball with Lee Child and… Continue

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Eyes on TV

What makes a good P.I. TV show? Discuss.

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THE FOLLOWER by Jason Starr

I've been a fan of Jason Starr's fiction since reading his stories in various anthologies and his novel Twisted City. Two weeks ago I won an ARC of his latest novel, due in stores August 2007.

The Follower centers on Katie Porter, twenty-two, from Lenox, Mass. determined to

prove to herself and her parents she can make it in New York City.

Katie's idea of making it includes finding the right… Continue

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I've Finally Seen: BRICK (2005)

...and started a discussion about it.

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Finding Time to Read

I was just about to make a big book order when I asked myself the ol' question: When will I have time to read all these books?

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Can "voice" be taught?

I've joined Elizabeth Zelvin's discussion on how writer's learn the concept of voice.

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"Master Yoda, you can't die."

My latest forum discussion is about character deaths that really got to you.

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Feed Me

I've added an RSS feed to my Crimespace page showing the five latest posts to Chatterrific, a blog of DetecToday's chats with authors.

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The Accidental Poet

In my latest forum discussion, I ask if anyone on Crimespace reads and/or writes poetry as I do. I came to poetry almost by accident, but now it's just as important to me as my prose.

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Crime Time TV (Updated)

I started a discussion yesterday about NBC's new shows Andy Barker, P.I. and Raines. After their premieres last night, I've added my reaction. Feel free to add yours.

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