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Goofing Off At The Library

My son and I just love almost literally slumming at the library. That is very true.

What other place can you goof off at and gain so much pertinent knowledge of just about

anything you need and want to know. My son and I are very enthusiastic readers and daily

patrons of one of the world's greatest institutions. There isn't a day go by that he doesn't

ask to visit our neighborhood library. It's almost has become our second home.… Continue

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Raw Deception Two

She is diabolical, she is deceitful, she is dreadful, she is a killer, and she's a mother that no child wants to have. She is the nightmare no real man wants to have. Kidnapping and murder have devoured her fat soul. My skillfully written crime fiction novel is heart pounding, thought provoking, jaw dropping, and wickedly informative. Its funny buy very serious. In Raw Deception Two, Dee Moore is going to get very pissed. She meets and falls in love with her garbage man and he winds up breaking… Continue

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This is no musical

Willie Robertson, Jr. is about to become the first African-American President of the United States of America. The votes have been tallied and the results are in-he wins in a landslide victory over his opponent and all the non-stop mud slinging. But suddenly a grisly discovery is made: corpses are found in the Lincoln Bedroom of the White House. The President is handcuffed and arrested in the Oval Office during a National televised speech. Derrick Sweat, must seek the truth, One or another. The… Continue

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His name is Johnny M.

Derrick Sweat Returns; this time he comfronts the mobster Johnny Macaroni, who also moonlights as mild-mannered Harold Rinehart. The mobster masterminded five in-air helicopter robberies in broad daylight. Suddenly there is a freak snowstorm in the middle of June catching everyone off guard. Soon the mobster's daughter is killed by a hurricane in the Caribbean and now he holds the National Weather Service Hostage. Also, the Nation is under harsh budget cuts across the board. Johnny takes his… Continue

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Corruption fighting Special Agent Derrick Sweat returns in his second action packed thriller, Derrick Sweat Midwest Deep Freeze. This time the African-American blue eyed blues musician confronts Chicago mobster, Johnny Macaroni, who is living a double life as mild mannered family man, Harold Rinehart. When Harold Rinehart’s teenage daughter is killed in a freak Caribbean storm. Johnny Macaroni blames the National Weather Center for inaccurate reporting for her death. The gangster seeks revenge.… Continue

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My books

Hey, always exercise your brain it's good health so, therefore, curl up with a very good book. Book ordering information below. Have a great day. And have much fun steering your way around this colorful website. And thank you very much.

Stephen King wrote: Books are perfect entertainment: no commercials, no batteries, just hours of enjoyment for every dollar.

I say that: there are no big crowds, no noise, just sheer comfort relaxing with real good book. When books are… Continue

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Matthew the nosy

Mr. George Wilder Jr. has written a children's manuscript and he is sure that young children everywhere will find this book interesting. This is not another all animal can talk children's book. It's quite educational. Young children's minds are like sponges, they absorb everything. Young children are often curious about all the things around them. The audiences for this book are children between ages of five and six years old. The two page manuscript is called Matthew the Nosy.

Mr.… Continue

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The Day I Went Bald

The Day I Went Bald


George Wilder Jr.…


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