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So Long, Crossing Jordan...

Okay. So, I'm a Crossing Jordan fan. Have been since it first

aired on tv. And tonight, it's lights out, so long, farewell. The final

episode (as NBC chose to cancel the show) airs tonight.

It was already the season finale'...and now, tonight's show is the last

of the last. Sure, the show is already in sindication on A&E, but,

it's not quite the same. No more new eppisodes to look forward to each


So, to the cast and crew and everyone… Continue

Added by Beth Walker on May 17, 2007 at 11:12am — 2 Comments

Weird Coincidences...

Today, I have received not one, not two, but, three nudges to get writing!

1. This morning in a non-writing related email, I read about a

historical incident in Scotland that I'd previously researched on the

web as a part of a potential storyline. It was something of a surprise

to see the topic pop up on the screen without having done a search.

2. A published writer took the time to add an encouraging post on my spot over at BookPlace. Thanks,… Continue

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Today I'm at least thinking about writing, but honestly, I've had

a bit of a dry spell. The stories are there. In my head. They are just

not on the page. Or in my word processing program.

To help me through the hurdle I bought a handful of neat little

journals and special pens last week at the office supply place. Okay.

Who else can spend forever in the office supply? Hands?

I love looking at all the paper stock and sorting through the pens… Continue

Added by Beth Walker on May 7, 2007 at 9:05am — 2 Comments

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