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Fibber McGee's Closet

Now I'm much to young to know from actual experience about Fibber McGee, but I've heard about him. He was a character on an old radio show and every week he'd open the closet door and tons of stuff would fall out and make a BIG NOISE.

Well, I've inherited his closet. Yes, I'm still working on tidying the office. I cannot believe how much time I've put into this little adventure.…


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Oh, how I have been looking forward to Spring. Yes, we really didn't have to suffer through winter until mid-January (which was heaven, by the way), but then we had 10 solid weeks of totally crappy weather.

We had some marvelously hot days in April, but they're always an aberration. In May and June it can be downright COLD in my corner of Western New York.

And now there's pollen.

Mind you, until this year, I never suffered from any kind of allergies. Nothing ever tickled…


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I've been worried about my rose bush. Not that I know jack--er--poop about roses.


Several years ago, Frank and I vacationed in Bar Harbor, Maine. Along the public walking trail (which rims the shore) were these huge, old-fashioned roses. I mentioned how much I liked them and Frank, ever thoughtful, bought me a little pink beauty.

I've been pleased with this little bush for the past 3-4 years, but Frank wasn't sure it made it through this year's harsh…


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