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Friends of the Library and Friends here

If you've got a few moments, check out my RSS feed from my group blog at, found in the bottom left column

It's about the Friends of the Library sale from last Friday. Some of you may have been there, done that.

Also, if you feel inclined, send me out a friend request. I'm over my limit of 100 and it will take forever to erase the almost 2000 I sent out.


Morgan Mandel

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Hi folks,

I'm very pleased to have received two new reviews.

The most recent one, from George T of Pop Syndicate, gives TWO WRONGS
5 stars and says:

"Two Wrongs by Morgan Mandel is a thriller…

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House For Sale? By Morgan Mandel

My new blog today at deals with the similarities between fixing up and selling houses and doing the same with manuscripts.

Morgan Mandel

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Writers Are Gamblers

My new blog post today is at

where you'll find observations from my vast experience at playing slot machines. (G)

(I also have an RSS feed on my profile page, bottom left column)

Morgan Mandel

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Back to Spring Notetaking

Spring is back!

Wonder of wonders we have a beautiful Spring day in the Chicago area. I and many of my neighbors were out looking for an excuse to enjoy the day, as witnessed by the sight of so many people walking their dogs and so many children and parents congregating at the nearby park.

In between making sure my dog didn't do her duty on someone else's lawn, I was able to once again observe Seasonal evidence. More sunshine, greener grass, more birds singing and flying in…


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Blog about a Blog

I can't help but be excited by the way our team blog is progressing at Acme Authors Link.

If anyone has time, the link is

We've got the Love is Murder Montage video loaded, photos of our bloggers, links (more to come, there's always lots of them), plus some great posts.

Our bloggers, from Sunday through Saturday are: Larry D. Sweazy, Norm Cowie, Todd (T.A.) & Terri Stone who…


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It's snowing outside, yet I've started my Spring Cleaning.

One of the things about being a writer is I've collected a large mass of printed matter. Books and papers are everywhere they shouldn't be.

I'm not ultra-neat by nature, but in self-defense at times I force myself to tackle the job and find spots for all of these accumulations - free books, other ones I couldn't resist buying so I could get them autographed, conference handouts, bookmarks from other authors, lists of…


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Catch Larry D. Sweazy's Post Today

Today I'm pitching someone else's post. Larry D. Sweazy has a very thought provoking post at about what happens when murder hits too close to home in a mystery writer's life.

Morgan Mandel

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Rob Walker's Blog Today

Hi Folks,

You may want to check out Rob Walker's blog today about breaking writing rules successfully It's located at our group blog at:

Morgan Mandel

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Crimespace members are everywhere!

While glancing through the Crimespace member photos with their country descriptions, I couldn't help but be amazed at how far reaching Crimespace has become. The members are everywhere - Mainly from the United States, but also the United Kingdom, North Africa, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Canada, Australia.

Where else can a person conveniently network with so many mystery/crime authors and fans from such diverse backgrounds? Crimespace rocks!

Morgan Mandel

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Crimespace layouts are a breeze

I have to say I was thrilled by how easy it was to add a new layout to my page on Crimespace. Myspace should offer such a service instead of making its members hunt on their own.

Since I don't know HTML, I really appreciate the convenience of having someone do it for me.

Thanks Daniel,

Morgan Mandel

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Hi folks,

Today I'm blogging about a blog. I've joined a great band of authors in a team blog called Acme Authors Link. Our members write in such diverse fields as mystery, humor, romantic suspense, and romantic comedy, even a how-to book on writing.

I've just posted my blog contribution today. It's about how much I hate & love writing.

I invite you to stop by and visit at ACME AUTHORS LINK…


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I'm spreading the Crimespace word

I've mentioned Crimespace to some of my e-groups and already some of the members have signed on!

Crimespace is a great site and I wish Daniel all the best! He's a genius to think all of this up.

Morgan Mandel

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This is my first day on Crimespace and I'm really loving it. There's so much here I wish I had more time to explore. Already, I've found a lot of my friends from other sites have drifted over here.

I'm not addicted enough to my computer. Now I have another place to go to and spend more time!

Anyway, I should say something about my current mystery, TWO WRONGS by Morgan Mandel, a tale of vengeance and the healing power of love, published by Hard Shell Word Factory. This novel,…


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